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FYX No Longer Offering Its ‘Global Mode’ Workaround FYX No Longer Offering Its ‘Global Mode’ Workaround

We reported this past week on FYX, the new ISP in New Zealand that offered a “Global Mode” that would have let its users access geo-blocked content like Netflix. Those plans have been dialed back as FYX rescinds the service …

SES San Jose Opens Today

Four days of the search industry’s biggest gathering starts in San Jose, where attendees can learn the finer points about marketing effectively and ranking well with the drivers of search-related traffic.

Google Search Results: Your SERPs At Risk

Third parties could hack someone’s place in Google’s SERPs right out of the index with some malicious proxy work.

Would You Trust Business Domains Registered via Proxy?
Someone recently left a comment on my blog promoting a new keyword research tool that is registered via proxy. The competitive analysis keyword research tool has been marketed heavily via comment spam, and currently shows itself as bidding on 0 keywords, per its own competitive measures. The site gives no data about who owns it. Could it appear any less legitimate?

Matt Cutts Teaches Us To Crawl
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The Google engineer followed up his WebmasterWorld PubCon Boston discussion of Google’s Bigdaddy infrastructure update and “crawl cache” with a lengthier look at the topic.

Ford Files 2005 Proxy Statement

Ford Motor Company filed its 2005 proxy statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

TypePad Access Problems

TypePad have had some server issues during the past few days, meaning that you may have had some problems at times in accessing blogs hosted on TypePad.

Creating and Consuming a Web Service

One of the most powerful aspects of .NET is the ease with which one can create Web Services. A Web Service is an external interface provided by a Web site that can be called from other Web sites. For example, a financial company may make up to the minute stock quotes available via a Web Service for those who do their trading with that company. This information could be read from a Web page and displayed, or read from a stand-alone application on a customer’s desktop computer.

Use Wrappers and Proxies for Basic Web Services Tracking

Some commercial Web services software provides sophisticated Web services accounting features, recording details of Web services transactions recognized on the wire. But sometimes developers need accounting that is more modular, much more basic, and available on a shoestring. This article explains how to use advanced function composition tasks to add basic Web services monitoring capabilities.

Yahoo’s Site Match Links Unveiled

Tim Mayer of Yahoo visited WebProWorld recently to set the record straight on the difference between how regular Yahoo results appear and how Site Match results appear.