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More Companies Firing People Over Social Media (Mis)use

Employees should be more careful than ever about what sort of work-related information they post online.  A new report indicates that companies are growing increasingly aware of inappropriate sharing, with many incidents resulting in someone getting fired.

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Australian Email Leaks Concern For Companies

Australian companies are frequently reprimanding and terminating employees for ignoring email security policies and sharing sensitive data, according to Proofpoint’s quarterly survey.

The survey found that 48 percent of the 69 Australian companies surveyed disciplined an employee for violating email policies and 18 percent fired an employee in the past year for violating such policies.

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Majority Of Email Sent To Companies Is Spam

During the month of November 2007, close to 90 percent of the email volume received by large companies was spam according to a report from Proofpoint.

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Firms Fire Over Blogs, Social Networks

If you’re reading this while at work, be careful – you may look off-topic.  But it’s what you write that could really upset your employer, and a new study found that companies are more than willing to fire people for their activity on email, blogs, and social networks.

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