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Disney’s New Tech Will One Day Let You Feel Holograms

Holograms have remained firmly in the realm of sci-fi for years. It was only recently that scientists have been able to crudely replicate what we’ve been seeing in film for over 60 years. Now researchers at Disney have made another …

iPhone 5: Apple’s Weapon Against Android? iPhone 5: Apple’s Weapon Against Android?
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It looks like we have reached the “rumor-a-day” phase of the iPhone 5 mania. With the latest rumors hinting at either a September or early October release date, we might be only a month or two away from Apple’s next-gen …

Smartphone Market Projected to Increase 50% in 2011
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According to a study by the International Data Corporation (IDC), the worldwide smartphone market is expected to grow by 49.2% in the year 2011. In 2010, venders shipped 303.4 million smartphones, and that number is expected to climb to over …