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‘Project Spark’ Beta Begins Today, Only on PC

When Microsoft finally announced Xbox One games at E3, most of the announcements weren’t surprising. A new Halo game was teased, Microsoft had gotten Capcom to make Dead Rising 3 an exclusive, and the microtransaction-riddled launch trio of Forza 5, Ryse, and Crimson Dragon were all there, as well as a multitude of third-party titles. Along with these triple-a showpieces, …

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Project Spark Opens Up Beta Registration

In contrast to their big Xbox One unveiling, Microsoft remembered to bring games to its E3 presentation. However, only one of those games really stood out as different from the games that have become popular on the current generation of consoles. In the midst of trailers for sequels and shooters, the demonstration of Project Spark showed that there is something …

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E3 2013: Microsoft Brings Games to its Xbox One Conference

Gamers were wary of Microsoft’s new console when the Xbox One announcement was filled with talk of TV, sports, and Kinect. Tensions on gaming forums were raised even more when the new console’s draconian DRM policies were confirmed last week. Now, Microsoft is betting that a strong lineup of games will win over those those who are not yet onboard …

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