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Facebook & TV Tie for Most Popular Place to Get News Facebook & TV Tie for Most Popular Place to Get News

The following infographic from Schools.com details how social media is replacing traditional journalism as a news source. These days half of the public gets its breaking news from social media rather than official news sources. Slightly less than half (46%) …

TypePad’s Blogger Bailout For Laid-Off Journalists
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Anil DashTypePad has introduced a "bailout" program for journalists who have been laid off or expect to be.

Turning Away From Print Works For IDG

Shifting to an online-only setup is often a last resort for newspapers and other print publications; it’s seen as an admission of defeat.  IDG, however, has found the online environment to be a welcoming and lucrative place.

Print Is Not Dead, Darwin Says So

The market can only take so much and there will always be specific niches to fill. That being said, let’s also remember that geeks have been declaring the death of print since at least 1984.

Eye Tracking Your Attention Span

The attention span of Internet users has been the subject of many studies, most coming to the conclusion that, on average, people only spend a few seconds on any given site. An eye tracking study from Poynter Online, however, reveals that users who go online searching for news actually spend longer amounts of time in consuming content than their offline counterparts.

10 Reasons Print’s Not Dead

A couple of print publications struggle within their field and suddenly the blogosphere is singing the dirge for newspapers. But I think it’s too soon to for the tree population to start celebrating the death of an institution.

Print Isn’t Dead Just Because Bloggers Say So
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Upon news that 30-year-old magazine InfoWorld was shutting down its print operations and moving online, and that the San Francisco Chronicle is also in trouble, a debate is raging in the blogosphere. The general consensus near Silicon Valley: print is dead.