Axl Rose Not World’s Greatest Singer

Axl Rose Not World’s Greatest Singer

By Mike Fossum May 21, 2014

A recent Concert Hotels infographic concerning the vocal ranges of popular singers confused some into reading that Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose has been deemed the greatest vocalist of all time. What the chart, entitled “The Vocal Ranges of …

Dave Chappelle Makes Cover Of Prince’s New Single Dave Chappelle Makes Cover Of Prince’s New Single


Dave Chappelle is greatly missed these days, as he’s been out of the public eye for several years following his departure from the comedy life in 2006. But he’s slowly beginning to make a comeback, and Prince has a little …

Saudi Prince Throws Disneyland Paris Party Saudi Prince Throws Disneyland Paris Party

Saudi Prince Fahd al-Saud has taken his love of Disney to the extreme, renting out sections of Disneyland Paris for a special celebration. According to a Telegraph report, the prince paid €15 million to close sections of Disneyland for his …

Prince To Sue Bit-Torrent Indexer Pirate Bay


Selling Information Will Become a High Touch Industry

Newspapers Going Free

The NYT just went free and likely the WSJ will follow. Once something goes free it is hard to start charging for it again – just ask Prince.

Prince Pops Off At YouTube, eBay

The pint-sized popster Prince has lawsuits planned for YouTube, eBay, and Swedish torrent search site The Pirate Bay over unauthorized uses of his music.

The Multi-Billion Dollar Harry Potter Phenomenon

Visiting the news shop in my local neighbourhood this lunchtime, I noticed the new Harry Potter book on display in the window.

Bush, Crown Prince Look to Tank Oil Prices

With concern about oil prices escalating to a fever pitch, President Bush met with Crown Prince Abdullah yesterday to produce a plan to curb increases.

Prince of Wales “Momentary Lapse”

Just catching some of the TV coverage of today’s marriage of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles, I saw a brief BBC TV interview with the Prince’s communications secretary, Paddy Harverson.