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Apes Like SlapStick Humor, Says Researcher

A new study recently published in the journal Evolution & Human Behavior shows that laughter plays an important role in primate social bonding. Researchers formed “laughter groups” of people to demonstrate that laughter can increase the size of the social …

Arguing The Semantic Web: Dead Or Just Not Alive?
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The language used to describe the Semantic Web is complicated enough – at a glance, it looks a bit quantum theory-ish, just enough to make your eyes roll back into your head to look for ways to kill themselves – but Tim Berners-Lee, who’s responsible for all those Ws littering your URLs, inspired enough faith that whatever the Semantic Web was, it could be accomplished.

Online Oddities: Fact or Fiction Edition

W’s AOL search records, orangutan dating site, Firefox crop circles, and Microsoft on LSD. Chalk these incongruent pairings up for what makes this week in August 2006, the best online week ever.