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‘Bruno Mars Act’ Proposed As A Resolution For Ticket Scalping

Bruno Mars has been a big topic of discussion lately, given the recent ticket scalping debacle that evolved in Hawaii. The Unorthodox Jukebox singer may actually be a pillar for a new anti-scalping resolution. The awkward situation began when Mars’ scheduled concerts in Honolulu, HI sold out in less than three hours. While most would consider this a laudable feat, it was …

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Wii U Pre-Orders Up For $1K on eBay

Either due to its popularity or due to manufacturing delays (probably a combination of both) pre-orders for the Wii U sold out in a manner of days and are now nearly impossible to find. Nearly, but not impossible. Anyone still needing to find a Wii U for the holidays can find one, but it will cost them. Intrepid entrepreneurs are …

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Expensive Internet Charges Still Plague Hotel Patrons

A little under a year ago, a report was released discussing how high-end hotels further gouge their customers by charging them an excessive amount to connect to the establishment’s Internet. Surprisingly, this behavior was staunchly defended by people who essentially said, “it’s fine to pay a premium for Internet access when I’m staying at five-star hotel because I get such …

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