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Oakland Raiders Scrum with Cowboys in Practice

Football season cannot come soon enough. Sure – one can tune into ESPN these days and watch baseball, golf, or NASCAR. But there’s nothing out there to help alleviate the built-up tension and aggression of sports fans like a good …

Greg Oden Practices with Miami Heat

Today marked a turning point for former Portland Trailblazers’ center, Greg Oden. Its been four whole years since he practiced or played in a regular-season NBA game. However, today he hit the court, or should I say “ballroom,” for the first-time. For …

Allen Iverson ‘We’re Talkin’ About Practice” Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

I can’t believe it, we’re sitting here talking about practice. Not the ‘game’ that Allen Iverson died for, and played every one like it was his last…10 years ago. Yes, take a moment to let that last bit sink in. …

CIPR Looking For Suggestions Regarding Social Media Guidelines

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) wants your help to develop a best-practice set of guidelines on using social media in PR practice.