Facebook’s “Explore London 2012″ Hub Offers Athletes, Teams, But No Ads

Facebook’s “Explore London 2012″ Hub Offers Athletes, Teams, But No Ads

By Josh Wolford June 18, 2012

If you’re a big fan of the Olympics and want to enhance your experience beyond simply watching the games on the tube, Facebook and the IOC are trying to make it easier for you. While various social media outlets are …

Portalising the Web
I’m increasingly finding myself portalising websites.

Sure, I have lots of online communities – but by themselves they are looking increasingly weak.

So now I’m looking to develop those communities into portals – that means building around the community element to provide news, article, and blog services.

By doing so, I see portalisation adding increasing value to visitors – and making more effort to keep them there.

Can MySpace Steal Google Users?

Could MySpace really attract a large proportion of users away from Google and other major portals? A new report from JupiterResearch "21st Century Portals: Thriving in the Google-MySpace Era" examines that question.

The report says that 55 percent of the users who are most likely to pay for services could be drawn to an entertainment and communication combination such as MySpace.

Intranet / Portal – Prioritize Content and Develop an Effective Linking Strategy

How to prioritize content and determine where to link it on an Intranet or portal…

What Portals Should Be

I’ve worked on the implementation of several portals, but always from the content side, never the back-end technology.

Battle of the Mobile Portals

A report on Mobile Search branding has released some interesting findings.

Internet Portals Reap Huge Profits From Ads

Massive demand for prime placement on sites like MSN, Yahoo, and AOL means rates have skyrocketed, advertisers have to plan out campaigns well in advance, and smaller niche sites are profiting from the overflow.

Nielsen/NetRating Identifies Top Brands And Parents In Portals

How does this relate to the search marketer? Ah well that’s the story for our readers isn’t it. Well, we’ve got that too. They also ranked the top 10 web site by parent company and top 10 web sites by brand as well as the time spent per person combined in both home and work. This is where the tale really is told.

Content Portals are Great Marketing Tools

Highly targeted, focused sites that are related to specific market segments are highly advantageous and can often be created using existing web content. The key is to provide value.

Intranet Portals Collaboration through Team Rooms

In this article, David Viney looks at how collaboration between and amongst teams can become a killer application on your Intranet Portal.

Intranet Portals Personalisation and Customisation

The key difference between an (old-fashioned) Intranet and a Portal

Collective Blogging More Suited For Vortals Than Portals

Breaking News Blog could be a good idea. It is “a collective of bloggers who each focus on a niche news topic”. You can read a bit more about it at ProBlogger and public (mind).

Google Faces Stiffer Competition From Portals Than Search Engines

Analysis by ACSI E-Business Sponsor ForeSee Results Says Google Faces Stiffer Competition From Portals Than Search Engines, News & Information Sites Fail to Establish Personality or Loyalty.

Lycos Offering 1 Gig Storage For Paid Email Members

Incorrectly claiming to be the first to offer this service, Lycos has announced that it will be offering 1 Gigabyte worth of storage to members of its email service. The service will cost around 3.49 Pounds a month, or $6.31 USD.

Russian Internet Portals To Offer Email With Unlimited Storage

Russian Internet portals Yandex.ru and Mail.ru have announced they will be launching email services that will have unlimited storage for its members. Each company will be offering their email services for free.

Start doing online business using B2B Portals in Six Steps

I registered with a B2B site but what’s next?

This is a question many first time users of B2B marketplaces ask themselves. A few expect that the registration itself will bring them a number of new customers. In some cases this might by true! Especially, if you are a seller of some much coveted items.

Chinese portals link to challenge Google

About 200 companies are teaming up to offer a China-based search engine, which hopes to compete with popular foreign services.