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Can You Get Into The World’s Most Exclusive Website?

If being turned away at the door of the most exclusive clubs in real life isn’t enough, now you can feel the same shame and envy on the internet! Head on over to and try to get in the door. Spoiler alert: You probably can’t. That’s because to even get in the door of the swanky looking alley entrance, …

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Duke’s Loss Defies Harris Poll Results

One of the great things about sports is popularity doesn’t mean much. Teams don’t win by being popular. They win because of a rare mix of talent, luck and execution. Whether or not the rest of the world approves does not factor into the equation. Most non-large market champions, especially in professional baseball, understand this simple fact. That being said, …

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Twitter Influence vs. Twitter Followers

Quick: Who has more influence on Twitter – Lady Gaga or British actor Stephen Fry?  Even if you aren’t one of her 7 million + followers, I bet you guessed that Lady Gaga holds more sway in the Twitterverse than an actor who has “IMDB consult” written all over him.  As I’m sure you now expect, according to Twitter Influence …

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