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Christina Kitterman Found Guilty of Fraud

Former Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler lawyer Christina Kitterman learned she will spend the next five years in federal prison today, for impersonating a Florida Bar official. Her actions were all in attempt to help keep Scott Rothstein’s massive investment scheme afloat. Jurors found Kitterman guilty of impersonating Adria Quintela, the head of the Bar’s Fort Lauderdale office. She used the ruse …

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Bernie Madoff Accountant Charged with Fraud

NBC News reported this week that Paul Konigsberg, an attorney and accountant, was charged yesterday with falsifying records and related securities connected to the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme. Konigsberg is the only non-Madoff family member who owned a controlling interest in the investment fund. The indictment released by the District Attorney for the Southern District of New York almost reached …

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Kyra Sedgwick Speaks Out Against Bernie Madoff

Kyra Sedgwick is angry. The star of the popular television series “The Closer”, as well as the co-star of several major Hollywood, watched helplessly as her husband, actor Kevin Bacon, lost a remarkable amount of money to convicted conman Bernie Madoff. The Ponzi scheme robbed Bacon of quite a bit of cash, which has understandably irritated his wife. Big time. …

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Madoff Brother Plea: Peter Will Do Ten Years For Bernie’s Ponzi Scheme

The brother of the infamous Bernie Madoff is about to plead guilty and faces a 10 year prison term in New York for charges of fraud, the Associated Press is reporting. Prosecutors informed the judge Wednesday that he will plead guilty tomorrow (Friday) to conspiracy and falsifying records charges in connection with the multibillion dollar ponzi scheme his brother perpetrated. …

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Texas Tycoon Gets 110 Years: R. Allen Stanford Sentenced

In what officials are calling the largest Ponzi scheme in United States history, R. Allen Stanford managed to con over 21,000 investors out of $7 billion over a span of twenty years; now, after serving three years in jail, he has been sentenced to an additional 110 years in prison for his crimes. Once considered one of America’s richest men, …

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