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Wendy Davis, Texas State Senator, Reveals Details Of Her Gritty Life In Memoir

Texas State Senator Wendy Davis reveals the details of her gritty and sometimes unhappy life growing up in her new memoir, Forgetting to be Afraid. In the book, Davis writes about her experiences growing up, including a very personal story of how her mother once tried to kill herself and her children, including Davis, while battling depression after her divorce. …

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Marion Barry Racks Up Two Years’ Worth Of Traffic Tickets, Fined $2,824

On Saturday night, August 2, 78-year-old D.C. Council member Marion Barry was involved in a wrong-way crash that sent him to the hospital and had authorities impound his car for unpaid traffic tickets dating from 2012. Barry is a diabetic and reportedly experienced a “hypoglycemic attack” before becoming disoriented and driving into oncoming traffic. He was cited by the police …

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Marion Barry: Former D.C. Mayor Released From Hospital

Marion Barry, the former mayor of the District of Columbia and councilman since 2005, has been released from a physical rehabilitation facility where he spent 16 days regaining his mobility and receiving treatment for blood and urinary tract infections resulting from diabetes. The councilman has had two other hospitalizations this year; his most recent stay was in the Medstar National …

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Game of Thrones Actress Part of Russian Campaign

Emilia Clarke is part of a political campaign to increase perceptions of safety in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg, unbeknownst to the famous Game of Thrones actress and to great disgust for fans of the hit series. Yakov Silin, who is running for mayor of Yekaterinburg, used the image of the Mother of Dragons, which is one of the many …

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