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Facebook Updates Their Games Policy Facebook Updates Their Games Policy

Facebook hasn’t been super busy in the world of development this past week. We can only hope that their hard at work improving the Android app. That being said, the social network does have a few big changes coming your …

Stuxnet Debate Continues: How Should Cyberweapons Be Used? Stuxnet Debate Continues: How Should Cyberweapons Be Used?
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When the revealing news regarding the Stuxnet computer worm came out, much controversy pursued as a result. David Sanger of the New York Times exposed the information as part of the much larger U.S. “Olympic Games” initiative and has now …

Big Reversal On Erotica Policy By PayPal
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Last month, PayPal notified a number of important e-book distributors and gave them a surprising mandate to remove certain erotica categories from their catalogs or else. The categories included any erotica that covered rape, incest and beastiality. The “or else” …

XBLA Achievement Guidelines Changing Soon (Rumor)

Ever since Microsoft has introduced the achievement system in 2005 with the launch of the Xbox 360, it has proven to be one of the most popular additions to gaming. There’s something about completing an objective and hearing that little …

PayPal Agrees to Ban Books with Obscene Content PayPal Agrees to Ban Books with Obscene Content

PayPal is sparking some tension in the publishing world by requesting that e-book contributors ban books that contain “obscene themes including rape, bestiality or incest.” PayPal notified Mark Coker, founder of e-book publisher and distributor of Smashwords, that it would …

Google Privacy Policy – Twitter Reacts Google Privacy Policy – Twitter Reacts
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Those Google Privacy Policy changes that you’ve been seeing pop-ups about for weeks (“This stuff matters”) goes into effect today. The changes have a lot of people, including governments, up in arms concerning their legality. Despite the uproar, Google has …

Facebook Continues To Yank Breastfeeding Photos Facebook Continues To Yank Breastfeeding Photos
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Another day, another set of breastfeeding images removed from Facebook. This time, the affected group of breastfeeding activists hail from the Respect The Breast Facebook page. The page’s founder, Heather Stultz, told the Huffington Post that in the last few …

Reddit: No Sexual Content Featuring Minors Reddit: No Sexual Content Featuring Minors
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Reddit has made an announcement concerning a topic that has hounded the online community for some time now – as of Sunday, they are adding a new overarching rule concerning sexually suggestive content featuring young girls. “Today we are adding …

Facebook’s Breast Phobia Is Absolutely Ridiculous Facebook’s Breast Phobia Is Absolutely Ridiculous
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Full disclosure: I’m much, much more socially liberal than the average bear. I won’t get into specifics about certain policy positions – but let’s just say that I fail to see how a little lightening up could do anything but …

Breastfeeding Women of Facebook Bemoan Photo Removal Practices Breastfeeding Women of Facebook Bemoan Photo Removal Practices

Facebook has always been a little prudish when it comes to breasts. Although Facebook’s policy strictly prohibits the sharing of images with nudity, the line regarding what constitutes nudity is oftentimes a bit blurry. Just in personal experience, I’ve had …

SOPA/PIPA Congressional Support Nosedives, OR The Internet’s Little Victories
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Back when we first covered SOPA Opera, the tool created by Dan Nguyen, the distribution of Congressional support and opposition for SOPA and PIPA painted a pretty grim picture. On January 6th, the tracking tool showed 81 members confirmed to …

BREAKING: Harry Reid Delays PIPA Vote

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has decided to postpone action on the Protect IP Act. In a statement, Reid said “In light of recent events, I have decided to postpone Tuesday’s vote on the PROTECT IP Act.” From the Senator’s …

The Changing Media Landscape – Is There a Solution? The Changing Media Landscape – Is There a Solution?
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New media has completely transformed the way consumers gather news and information. While it has created many new opportunities, it has also brought about numerous challenges to traditional media and even contributed to, what some consider, dying business models.

Opponents Say McCain-Kerry Bill Would Limit the Internet Opponents Say McCain-Kerry Bill Would Limit the Internet
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A new privacy bill introduced earlier this week has a lot of people talking. The bipartisan proposal introduced by Senators McCain and Kerry would create the nation’s first comprehensive privacy law.

Facebook Responds To New Privacy Problems

While many people already lie on their Facebook profile despite the pleas by Privacy Czar Mark Zuckerberg to keep the Facebook database clean for YOUR benefit, it is now an informally ‘recommended’ practice by some at Facebook. Before we move forward, let’s put this on the table first. Facebook’s move toward less privacy for its users may have profoundly changed the service once the full scope of what they are looking to do hits the masses.

AT&T Goes On The Offensive Against Google Voice

After getting the Google Voice App blocked on the iPhone and the FCC to scrutinize Google Voice, you’d think AT&T could sit back and rest assured. But not so.

British Using ‘Common Sense’ Strategy For Social Media In The Military

Since we had a rather strong response to our coverage of the United States Marine Corps’ policy to not allow Marines to access social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter on the Marines’ network it seemed appropriate to see how this is handled ‘across the pond’.

Trademark Owners Up In Arms With Google’s New Policy

 The online world is noisy enough as it is. Everyone is trying to get everyone’s attention to sell whatever it is they have.

Facebook Needs To Follow And Not Lead On Privacy Policies

I took last week off, and it was a big week for Facebook watchers. Facebook decided to change its terms of service, putting its millions of users on notice that Facebook owns their data and isn’t planning any opt-out mechanism. Now, to many observers, including Chris Brogan and me, it’s not news that free Web services own the data posted to them, but this Facebook announcement caused a firestorm, and Facebook backed off before the week was out. Watching this play out caused me to realize why Facebook is dumber than Google.

Google Asks Feds For Better Document Access

The numerous agencies of the federal government possess thousands of documents and pieces of information that can’t be found by Google’s crawlers.

Google Aggressively Cracking Down on Paid Links

After many instances of education by Google about Paid Link Policy guidelines and after having continuously come up with updates on the issue, the time for action seems to have come full on.

Google, as it appears has aggressively begun to crack down on Ads that violate Google’s quality guideline of "paid links should be disclosed through a "rel=nofollow."