Police State Articles

Employee Arrested 62 Times For “Trespassing” At Work
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Imagine working at a convenient store and being arrested for trespassing. Imagine for four years, you’re stopped 258 times by the police. Imagine being searched more than 100 times. Imagine being arrested and put in jail 56 times, with your …

Man Gets Arrested For Picking Up His Kids At School
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It’s 2:00PM on a Thursday, and the children at South Cumberland Elementary school in Crossville, Tennessee have been dismissed for the day. A father arrives on time to pick up his kids, but he is arrested. The school’s new policy …

Snowden: American Patriot Says He Shared No Secrets with Russia
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Edward J. Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor, said in an interview this month that when he fled to Russia from Hong Kong SAR, China, in June, he did not take any classified NSA files with him. Snowden further …