Pluck Elaborates On Pinterest Integration

Pluck Elaborates On Pinterest Integration

By Mike Fossum April 30, 2012

Demand Media released version 5.1 of its Pluck social media platform last Thursday, which features native Pinterest integration, and now a blog post from Pluck itself expands upon the “Pin It” button that was built into the platform’s photo and …

Demand Media’s Pluck Teams Up with Buddy Media on Facebook Page Apps

Demand Media announced that it has entered a partnership with Buddy Media to extend Demand Media’s Pluck social applications into the Facebook ecosystem. Buddy Media has built a business out of creating Facebook tools for businesses, and it counts Target, …

Demand Media Acquires CoveritLive, A Real-Time Event Coverage Platform

Demand Media has acquired real-time event coverage provider CoverItLive, which is used by brands like Yahoo,  ESPN, Ford, Time, News Corp, EA, FOX News, and BBC. Demand Media is positioning the acquisition as a way for the company to expand its social reach. 

Demanding Trust From Pluck

How much do you trust Pluck’s review system?  Apparently not enough, because with the introduction of their new Trust Filters, Demand Media is attempting to improve end-user confidence.

Facebook’s Open Graph About to Get Significantly Bigger, Courtesy of Demand Media

Facebook’s Open Graph is about to get significantly bigger. I spoke with Demand Media VP, Marketing Jason Jaynes about the company’s new integration with it, and it’s a biggie, but not necessarily in the way you might think.

When you think of Demand Media, you probably think about Demand Studios, the company’s content production arm, and the sites it powers – sites like Cracked, eHow, LiveStrong, etc. These sites have enormous reach in themselves, but Demand’s new announcement has much bigger implications.

Demand Media Acquires Pluck

The company called Pluck has ties to well-known entities like Discovery Communications, USA Today, and Conde Nast.  And now Demand Media does, too; it has acquired Pluck for an undisclosed amount.

Pluck Puts Itself Up For Sale

Things are looking up for Pluck.  Things are looking so good, in fact, that the social media company has reportedly decided to sell itself, and has set $75 million as a target price.

Reuters, Pluck Offer Blog Syndication

Reuters and Pluck have announced a strategic partnership aimed at syndicating third-party blog content as part of Reuters news and information service. In return for its $7 million investment in Pluck, Reuters will receive an undisclosed share of ownership of the company.

Pluck’s Day Is Done

Pluck, one of the early entries among RSS readers, is fading into the sunset. The plugin for Internet Explorer and Firefox will be discontinued effective January 7, 2007, according to a notice on the company’s website.

Say Bye To Pluck RSS Reader

Sid has news that Pluck will be shutting down its RSS reader service after giving it a good effort over the past two years.

Austin Paper Offers Blogs To Local Politicos
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The Austin American-Statesman has an open offer to host blogs for candidates for office from the Central Texas area.

BlogBurst Puts Blogs In The News
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Prominent online newspaper sites like SFGate.com from the San Francisco Chronicle and other began displaying blog content provided by Pluck’s BlogBurst syndication service.

Frankly Speaking About RSS Readers

Frank Gruber, the mind behind the Somewhat Frank blog, subjected nine web-based RSS feed readers to a comparison and blogged about the best on TechCrunch.

Newspaper Sites to Syndicate Blog Content
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In what could be a landmark moment for citizen journalism, four newspapers plan to syndicate bloggers’ content on their own sites through a new program called Blogburst.

Tagging Comes Out Of The Shadows

The CEO of Pluck discussed how the newest service, social tagging site Shadows, presents a good experience for its users.

Pluck Tweaked For Firefox Users

The makers of the RSS reader for IE have extended support to Firefox browsers with its newest release.

Which RSS Aggregator Is Best?
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Onfolio recently released its Onfolio 2.0 Release Candidate. For new news aggregator users, this is my second recommendation after Bloglines.