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Two Hundred Tech Entrepreneurs Sign Letter In Opposition To SOPA

Engine Advocacy, a entrepreneurial coalition whose mission is to “create an environment where technological innovation and entrepreneurship thrive by educating, collaborating, and innovating startups in shaping policy,” has gathered together a list of important tech figures who all voice opposition to the current SOPA/PIPA legislation. 204 “entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs and executives” have all signed a letter to the United States …

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SOPA Update: Introducing OPEN and Twitter Reaction

No, the SOPA battles have not gone away, in fact, in the houses of the United States government, they are still going strong, something the newly-launched OPEN Act counterpoint demonstrates quite clearly. Drafted by SOPA/PIPA opponents Senator Ron Wyden and Representative Darrell Issa, the OPEN Act offers an alternative to the strong-arm tactics discussed in the original pieces of legislation. …

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Kaspersky Is No Fan Of SOPA, Leaves Business Software Alliance

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) is about to find itself short one member, as Kaspersky Lab has announced that they are withdrawing from the software-maker alliance. The BSA was formed in 1988 with the mission to help combat copyright infringement in regards to the software produced by the companies in the alliance. The list of high profile companies that make …

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Google Has Other Ideas Concerning Internet Censorship

As the buzz around the government’s attempt to govern the content of the Internet increased in volume, a number of tech companies increased their volume concerning their disapproval of how SOPA/PIPA goes about its business. The most notable of the objecting tech giants is Google, who, along with other giants like AOL, eBay, Facebook, and Yahoo formed the Protect Innovation …

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NBC Wants Partners To Support SOPA Or Else

Apparently, if you want your content to appear on NBC’s family of networks, you had better be resolute in your support of the PROTECT-IP/SOPA bills that are currently polluting the both branches of the U.S. government. According to an email that’s been leaked to the Internet, the NBC family, which includes NBC Universal, NBC Interactive, and all of the distribution …

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Mozilla Renews Call Against SOPA/PIPA

As tech companies continue to distance themselves from the Senate’s attempts to govern the Internet with the SOPA debacle, Mozilla offers us a reminder that the Stop Online Piracy Act is not the only piece of legislation that’s currently threatening the open nature of the Internet. Mozilla was quick with their denouncement of SOPA, but they don’t want you to …

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