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Let’s Not Forget The Fall Of SOPA And The Might Of A Unified Internet
The fall of SOPA was, by far, one of the most interesting events of 2012. It showed that the Internet can and will be an unstoppable force when faced ...
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The Free Internet Survived 2012, But Will It Be That Lucky Next Year?
2012 was a dangerous year for the free Internet. Lawmakers and global stakeholders all took a shot at policing and regulating the Internet over the pa...
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SOPA Returns As A Poorly Executed Extortion Virus
Remember SOPA? The Internet really dodged a bullet there when the largest Web protest ever killed the bill. There have been rumors that it would be ba...
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SOPA And PIPA Are Not Coming Back
SOPA and PIPA were a major threat to the Internet. Only those in the entertainment industry denied the claim as they pushed for stricter control of th...
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Reddit Launches Bus Tour to “Promote the Open Internet”
Emboldened by the part it played in combating the SOPA legislation earlier this year with an “internet blackout,” Reddit has officially an...
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Former MPAA CTO Changes His Mind On SOPA
SOPA is dead, and it’s probably not coming back. The MPAA now realizes that a bill like that just isn’t going to fly. They need to be snea...
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CISPA Might Not Be So Bad After All
What I’m about to say may shock you. So if you’re a sensitive user of the Internet, you may want to go back to Reddit and look at funny pi...
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A Handy CISPA Infographic Clarifies The Issues
Does the fact that companies like Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, and Intel mean that CISPA is the friendly, less intrusive version of SOPA or are these com...
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ACTA and The United States Government
While the buzz surrounding the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), something of a global cousin to the SOPA/PIPA movement, may have died down,...
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Corporations Supporting CISPA Include Facebook, Microsoft
Is this how unwanted Internet regulation passes? When enough popular web-based/tech corporations support a bill that’s potentially as damaging a...
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Saving the Internet From the United States?
Earlier this year, when discussing her son, Richard O’Dwyer, and his upcoming extradition to the United States, Julia O’Dwyer blasted the country&...
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SOPA Gets a New Name, Still Terrible
So long, SOPA. It’s been real, and it’s been fun, but it hasn’t been really fun. It’s time to celebrate because SOPA’s d...
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White House Still Opposes SOPA, PIPA
The White House appears to mean what it said in March when it told supporters that it’s not ignoring the We the People petitions. As if to affir...
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Reddit Creates The Freedom Of Internet Act
The users of Reddit are more than just Internet warriors who fought bravely against SOPA and PIPA with the legendary Net blackout of January. They are...
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ACTA Referred To European Court of Justice
Is the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement treaty, otherwise known as ACTA, compatible with what is referred to as the EU’s “fundamental r...
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The Anti-SOPA System Administrator’s Todo List
Todo lists are a great way to plan ahead for the day’s events. It gives an idea of how to divvy up your time. What, however, would such a list l...
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Anonymous Continues Anti-ACTA Attack On U.S. Government
At some point, there’s going to be a massive, mainstream media-friendly bust where a bunch of 20-somethings are led away for the world to see, w...
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Bulgaria Joins the No ACTA Crowd
Did this past weekend’s anti-ACTA movement in Europe get their message across to the ruling governments? While the fallout is still being measur...
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Update: CNN is reporting that sites affiliated with Mexico’s mining ministry and the state of Alabama were also taken down. They’re also r...
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Study: Piracy Does Not Harm U.S. Box Office Sales
Despite the claims of the MPAA and other supporters of SOPA and PIPA, file-sharing does not negatively impact box office sales in the U.S., according ...
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