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You Really Only Need to Know 39 Digits of Pi [VIDEO]

Pi has currently been calculated to over 10 trillion (10^13) digits. But really, 39 is all you need, as the following video demonstrates. “You only need 39 digits of pi to be able to measure the circumference of the observable universe within the width of one hydrogen atom.” Whoa. [Numberphile via Gizmodo]

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4 Million Digits of Pi In One Flash Image

Pi, or Π (and not pie) has a massive online following. Case in point, just take a look at how well Pi Day did in regards to Internet popularity. For those who don’t know, pi (Π) is an irrational number, representing the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, at least according to definitions. While the explanation may not …

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Pi Day Sweeps The Internet: Anybody Hungry For Math?

On behalf of math geeks, science lovers, and purveyors of questionable “holidays” everywhere, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Pi Day. Pi Day is celebrated once a year, on March 14th, as the date aligns with the first few digits of Pi (3.14). Pi, of course, is everyone’s favorite mathematical constant as it is the ratio of a circle’s …

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