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Josh Romney: Saving Lives and Bragging About it

Josh Romney saved some lives, but he is also the victim of scorn today all over social media. No, not because he is the son of a losing presidential candidate, but because of his flawless execution of “The Humblebrag.” The …

Boston Bomber Photographer Lashes Out Against Rolling Stone
· 2

Like many people, the Boston Police staff photographer who was on the scene for the capture of the alleged Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was a bit put off by Rolling Stone’s latest attempt at relevancy. The magazine‚Äôs cover story, …

California Wolverine Photo Snapped by Hiker
· 11

California wolverine: The headline opens itself to all sorts of geeky X-Men jokes, though I’ll do my best to refrain from such inherent silliness, as it’s simply too easy to abuse in this instance. Besides, the actual story is far …