Reddit Helped Make Imgur Into a Big Deal

Reddit Helped Make Imgur Into a Big Deal

By Chris Richardson September 20, 2011

By now, you’ve heard about Facebook having the largest photo library on the web, or at least, you’ve seen the graphic, but have you heard how powerful and viable Reddit has made the Imgur.com image hosting site? If not, you …

Photobucket Opens Up To More Sites

Photo and video sharing Web site, Photobucket has introduced new features that expands the way users share their content on multiple Web sites.

The site has launched a feature that allows users to simultaneously share content with social networking and blogging sites. Users can now distribute photos, videos and slideshows to social media sites including Facebook, MySpace, BlackPlanet, Bebo, Blogger and others.

MySpace Parent Company Laying Off 100 Jobs

myspacelogoIn a move that won’t surprise as many people as it would have this time last year, Fox Interactive Media has announced it will be cutting its workforce by as many as 100 jobs. Fox is the parent company of social network site MySpace as well as Photobucket and various mobile sites.

Photobucket Introduces New Features
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Online photo and video sharing site, Photobucket has added new features to make it easier for users to organize and personalize their photo and video collections.

Photobucket Investment – Is There a Scandal There?
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PhotobucketThe Wall Street Journal posted a story today about investors Jeff Horing and Jerry Murdock from the firm Insight Venture Partners. It talks about how they went behind the backs of limited partners and personally invested in Photobucket back before News Corp. bought it and it really took off. The story seems to suggest some financial foul play, but not everybody views it this way.

Ask Grabs Space On Photobucket

A bright spot for Ask.com emerged with news of a partnership with image sharing service Photobucket.

Sharing Your MySpace Profile


Photobucket Reverses Its Position On Censoring Diapered Babies
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Photo sharing site Photobucket recently had a diaper photo contest that was sponsored by Good Mama Diapers that allowed users to submit photos of their babies wearing diapers.

The contest had been running for about 10 weeks when Jessica Thornton of Good Mama Diapers noticed that the hundreds of pictures that had been submitted to Photobucket had mysteriously disappeared.

MySpace Adds Photobucket Feature To Comments

If we’re to compare news stories to Christmas presents, then this is not the biggest one under the tree.  It’s probably, at best, something rather small in a stocking.  Nonetheless: MySpace has added a Photobucket-related option to its Comments Editor.

Digg Scoops Up Images, Tweaks Categories

It took a while but Digg finally has an images category available for contributions and sharing with other Diggers.

FTC Clears Fox Interactive To Buy Photobucket

The FTC has no objections; Fox Interactive Media is free to acquire Photobucket.  As a result, the photo-sharing site will probably get snapped up in the near future.

Photobucket Launches Enhanced Plug-In

Photobucket has announced the launch of the Photobucket Media Plug-in 2.0, an enhanced version if its image and video hosting plug-in.

comScore Launches Widget Metrix

comScore has announced the launch of comScore Widget Metrix, a new service that will track the use of widgets on the Web.

The Month of Acquisitions

There were numerous partnerships and acquisitions in the month of May, which included a lot of dollars changing hands. Let’s look at some of the major deals that went down this past month

Fox Buys Photobucket and Flektor

Fox Interactive Media (FIM) has confirmed they are buying Photobucket and Flektor. Photobucket is a photo and video sharing service and Flektor allows users to create videos and slide shows with their photos.

Rumor: MySpace To Acquire Flektor

MySpace is rumored to be purchasing Flektor, a new startup that allows users to create widgets from photos, video and text, TechCrunch is reporting.

MySpace Acquires Photobucket – Now Confirmed

Although the deal has yet to be confirmed by either party, it appears that MySpace did, in fact, acquire Photobucket.  And although the figure $300 million has been mentioned, the terms of the arrangement (assuming such an arrangement exists) remain unknown.