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The Egg Came First, But It All Depends on Semantics [VIDEO]

Forget Edward and Jacob – are you on team Egg or team Chicken? The quick answer to the question “which came first, the chicken or the egg” is the egg. There were egg-laying creatures well before there were chickens, so the egg came first. But we know that’s not the real question. So take a few minutes out of your …

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Paul Kurtz Dies at 86, Philosopher and Author

One of the main proponents who helped get secular humanism visible within society has died. Paul Kurtz, a controversial but popular philosopher and author who founded the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry has died. Prior to Kurtz’s involvement with “secular humanism,” humanism was a pseudoreligion that did not involve the supernatural. When Kurtz became involved with this movement in 1991 by …

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