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When Personalized Search and Relevance Collide
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Not everybody is a fan of the increasingly personalized search results they get from Google. Some criticize them as a way for Google to give advertisers reasons to rely on PPC as opposed to the less predictable organic results, and others just find it disruptive to relevance.

How Badly Do People Want Personalized Search?
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Let me start off by saying that I have no problem with my search results being personalized, because I understand that search engines want to deliver the best user experience so that users will keep using them. If I get results that are personalized well, that means I don’t have to look too far for what I’m trying to find. However, not all users are so thrilled with the evolution of search results pages, particularly with the personalization aspect.

Google Pesonalizes Search Results More with Star Feature
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Google today introduced yet another way it is personalizing search results (we talked about social search with the company at SMX). Now Google is letting users "star" search results that they like, just like the star feature in other Google products like Gmail, Reader, and Google News.

Can Search Engine Optimization Survive Google?
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The search engine landscape is ever changing. We covered that. However, while there are multiple players involved in facilitating that change, there is one that drives it far more than the rest of the competition. Obviously, we’re talking about Google.

Can You “Rank” in Google if Everyone Has Different Search Results?
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Google has extended its personalized search functionality to users who are not even signed in. This goes for Google users around the world, in over 40 languages. What this means is that when you search with Google, it will provide results that are aimed at higher relevancy to the individual user, as opposed to relevancy for the average person.

The Making of Google’s New Search Options
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Earlier this week, Google launched what I consider to be the company’s next step in personalized search – "search options." Essentially, it is a link searchers can click, which brings up a left-side navigation menu that allows for different ways of searching.

The following video shows how it works if you have not yet experimented with it for yourself:

Google Takes the Next Step in Personalized Search
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Google’s Searchology event was today, and Google used this to give kind of a "state of search" presentation, something the company often does in a variety of formats.

One of the highlights of the event was Marissa Mayer introducing some changes to Google’s search results. This is called "Search Options," and allows users to "slice" and "dice" results in a number of ways.

FAQ Pages Could Boost Your Google Rankings
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In a recent report, Hitwise said that the length of search queries has increased over the past year. Longer search queries, averaging searches of 5+ words in length, have increased 10% from January ’08 to January ’09 they noted.

Ask has an interesting blog post up interpreting this data, and the gist of it is summed up with this paragraph from it:

Do You Want Your Search Experience Personalized?
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In recent months, there has been a whole lot of talk about where search is going, and what search is lacking. This is commonplace for months encompassing the changing of years.

A big part of the discussion is personalized search. Many SEOs aren’t entirely thrilled with the idea. It changes the way they have to do things. Do searchers want it though?

How Will Personalized Search Affect Niche Engines?
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As I was writing a piece on RushmoreDrive, the search engine (and more) that was created as a way to provide relevant results from the black community, I started thinking about how the future of search could impact its use and the use of niche search engines in general. Unfortunately, I have more questions than answers on this topic, but it raises some interesting questions nonetheless.

Personalize Your Google Results
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Google has announced SearchWiki, which is a new set of functionality that users with Google accounts can use to customize their results on any given search. SearchWiki allows users to move specific results up or down in rankings so that they appear in the preferred order when the same search is done in the future.

SMX West: Personalized Search Taking Stage

When someone searches for the term "dog," they’re very likely interested in our furry friends.  But a few folks might be curious about digital on-screen graphics, and won’t want to dig through stuff about rottweilers and retrievers.  So personalized search remains as important as ever.

Can Google’s Algo Co-exist with Trust?

In a previous article, Is Universal Search Harder?, I discussed how a universal type of search can actually make finding what you are searching for more difficult. Google includes their own version of Universal Search in many of their search results pages, bringing us news, images, videos and so forth along with traditional web pages.

Google and Personalized Search

Another way that Google has changed the playing field as far as search engine optimization is through Personalized Search.

Facebook Discusses Personalized People Search
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Facebook’s a formidable entry in the social networking field – we all know this.  But the company’s announcement that it is also doing well in people search (indeed, in Facebook’s own words, it is the “[m]ost used people search engine on the web”) came as a surprise to many.

Fast Search Acquires AgentArts

Fast Search & Transfer has worked with AOL, Dell, and Vodafone, and calls itself “the leading global provider of search technologies.”  And now Fast Search & Transfer has acquired AgentArts, which is a self-described “leading provider of recommendation and personalization solutions for music, video, games and mobile entertainment.”

Personalization And The Death Of SEO

… as we know it. On February 2, 2007 Google launched its big push into personalized search results. This was, to many, a dark day as SEO’s scrambled to determine exactly what this meant for the industry and for our clients. Different results showing up for different people? What are ranking reports if what you see differs from what I see? Who’s right? And of course, how do I prove it?

Around the SEM World – Personalized Search

"Around the SEM World" is a new monthly series I am starting in which I will ask professionals around the SEM Industry their thoughts on the hottest topics during the given month.