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Groupon Types, Places Add Some Personalization Groupon Types, Places Add Some Personalization

Groupon has launched a new type of personalized deal with its Deal Types and Places offering. “Groupon is constantly looking for new ways to bring its subscribers the best, most relevant deals in the places they like to spend time,” …

Bing Explains Why Adaptive Search Improves User Experience Bing Explains Why Adaptive Search Improves User Experience
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Last week, Bing unveiled a new feature in its continued effort to improve the search experience. The feature is called “Adaptive Search” and is designed to make search results more personally relevant to users.

Bing Adaptive Search Rolls Out Bing Adaptive Search Rolls Out
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Bing is rolling out what it calls “Adaptive Search.” The company says it “helps decipher the intent and context of each search you conduct based on your search history.” “The concept of personalized search is not a new idea, but …

Should Google and Facebook Be Filtering Our Content For Us? Should Google and Facebook Be Filtering Our Content For Us?
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Is the personalization of the Internet a step backwards? Is the wealth of information that is accessible to us being reduced because the products we use are filtering it all so heavily? This is a discussion that has been gaining …

Pandora Comedy Stations Launched Pandora Comedy Stations Launched
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Pandora Internet Radio has, at some point, helped most curious music lovers discover something completely new. For me, years ago, my Blitzen Trapper channel led me to Agalloch. I guess it’s the Portland thing. Those of you familiar with the …

What Bing Is Doing to Stay Strong in Search
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Recent search data from Experian Hitwise, comScore, and, most recently Compete, all indicate that Bing is gaining market share. Interestingly, the data also shows that Google’s market share has dropped slightly. According to Stefan Weitz, a director with Bing, the search engine has grown every month since its launch.

Google Health Gets More Useful, More Personalized
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Google has announced a new design and some new features for Google Health. The company says this comes as the result of feedback from users who want easier data tracking and more personalization. 

Groupon Personalized Deals Will Be Huge for Customers, Businesses

Groupon, the service that provides daily deals that save customers money, is getting a lot of attention these days. Now, they’ll be getting much more. Late yesterday, the company announced a big feature in Personalized Deals. Today, they have released an FAQ for those.

Can You “Rank” in Google if Everyone Has Different Search Results?
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Google has extended its personalized search functionality to users who are not even signed in. This goes for Google users around the world, in over 40 languages. What this means is that when you search with Google, it will provide results that are aimed at higher relevancy to the individual user, as opposed to relevancy for the average person.

Google Makes Google Reader More Personal

Update: Google has also now added favicons to feeds in Google Reader.

Google Aims to Put the “Friend” in Friend Connect

Google has launched some new features for Google Friend Connect, aimed at letting site owners make their GFC experience more personalized and letting their visitors get to know each other.

A representative for Google tells WebProNews that 9 million sites are using Google Friend Connect, and pages with GFC get over half a billion unique visitors a month. Two people join every second, she says.

Google Experiment Could Spark SEO Sea Change
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Google looks to be taking another step forward on the path towards personalized search.  Some users have been given access to a new option that allows them to identify sites they’d like to see more often on their results pages.

What Will Google SERP Changes Mean for Reputation Management?
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Some say ranking is dead. Google’s going though changes that may turn SEO on its ear. Google’s Matt Cutts talked about some of these changes with WebProNews not too long ago. "I’m not sure I would say ranking is dead but it’s not as important as it used to be," he said.

How Will Personalized Search Affect Niche Engines?
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As I was writing a piece on RushmoreDrive, the search engine (and more) that was created as a way to provide relevant results from the black community, I started thinking about how the future of search could impact its use and the use of niche search engines in general. Unfortunately, I have more questions than answers on this topic, but it raises some interesting questions nonetheless.

Browsers Judged On Privacy, Personalization
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Personalization can be nice; looked at one way, it’s what leads the bartender at a favorite pub to get your Guinness the moment you arrive.  It can be kind of a drag, too, though – do you want your friendly neighborhood pharmacist to remember your every problem? – and so personalization was weighed against privacy in an SES Chicago session called "Battle of the Browsers."

Personalizing Ads Piece by Piece to Get More Clicks
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Display advertising is making a comeback. Ok, it never really left, but the targeting capabilities of newer services like MySpace’s MyAds, or even Google’s display ads for AdWords have made the advertising medium more appealing because they utilize the personalization and targeting strategies that made search engine advertising so attractive to advertisers since the dawn of the AdWords revolution.

Personalize Your Google Results
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Google has announced SearchWiki, which is a new set of functionality that users with Google accounts can use to customize their results on any given search. SearchWiki allows users to move specific results up or down in rankings so that they appear in the preferred order when the same search is done in the future.

Microsoft Playing With Social Search Personalization
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The customer who says "I don’t like that" is loathed by companies everywhere.  Their ideal customer says "I don’t like that," explains why, and offers a reasonable suggestion, instead.  Microsoft is trying to bring users possessing this mindset to an experimental search engine called U Rank.

MySpace Announces MyAds
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Last month, we reported that MySpace had launched a new self-serve advertising platform, but it was officially announced last night with a name – MyAds (beta). With this platform, users are able to create their own display banner ads with the following advantages working for them (as cited by the social network):

Mayer of Google Talks Future of Search
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When Google speaks, people listen. So when Marissa Mayer, VP, Search Products & User Experience at Google (who has been working on search at the company for over nine of its ten years) talks about where search is headed in the future, we should all take note.

Facebook Ads Rubbing Some the Wrong Way
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FacebookYesterday I posted an article on SmallBusinessNewz about targeted ads insulting customers, in which I referenced a Washington Post story from writer Rachel Beckman.