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Perfect 10 Sues Tumblr Perfect 10 Sues Tumblr

A porn company called Perfect 10 recently sued microblogging platform Tumblr for copyright infringement almost five years to the day of the social network’s inception. Tumblr, host to over 46 million blogs, is also home to a spectacular amount of …

Perfect 10 Fails Where Google Succeeds Perfect 10 Fails Where Google Succeeds
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Perfect10.com, a site that features incredibly attractive female models in various positions of nude repose has been long after Google because of the site’s content appearing in Google Image Searches. Their struggle has been going on for sometime now. In …

Perfect 10 Comes Out Swinging at Google Again
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Those who have been following the search industry for some time, may recall that Google had some legal issues with the (former) magazine Perfect 10 (nsfw). The company, which ceased publication of its magazine, but still operates on the web, has issued a press release saying that its five year battle with the search giant is "about to heat up."

Perfect 10 Tries Again, This Time With MSN

Google CEO Eric Schmidt once said that lawsuits were just part of doing business today. According to Perfect 10 Magazine, lawsuits are the only things that will save them, and have added Microsoft as the most recent defendant.

Perfect 10 Loses Again

Another ruling has arrived concerning Perfect 10’s ongoing litigation, and its case against Visa, Mastercard, and several other companies has, like its suit against Google, gone in the defendants’ favor.

Judges Call for Fair Use of Porn on Google

If you’re one of the many Google Image users that have not turned on safe search, you’ll likely be glad to know that the U.S. Court of Appeals has overturned a previous ruling that would have forced Google to remove thumbnail images of porn taken from the Perfect 10 web site.

Court Is OK With Sexy Google Images
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Thumbnail pictures of nude photographs displayed by Google do not infringe on the copyrights of the image owner, Perfect 10.