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Grab Firefox 19 Early Before It Officially Launches Tomorrow

Mozilla has been hard at work the past six weeks readying Firefox 19 for official launch. That launch comes tomorrow, but you can grab it now if you want to start taking advantage of its incredibly helpful HTML5-based PDF viewer. The Next Web found that Mozilla is now publicly hosting the official release of Firefox 19 on its servers. You …

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Adobe PDF Reader Hit By Zero-Day Exploit

Adobe Flash was recently hit by two zero-day exploits that the company quickly worked to patch up. Now one of Adobe’s other popular Web plugins – Reader – has been hit. Computer security company FireEye found yesterday that Adobe Reader was hit by a zero-day exploit. The exploit is currently found in the latest Adobe Reader versions – 9.5.3, 10.1.5 …

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Mozilla Kills The PDF Plugin In Firefox 19

We just got Firefox 18 earlier this week, but Mozilla already has its sights set on the future. That future is one devoid of PDF plugins, like Adobe Acrobat Reader, that could harbor dangerous security flaws. Instead, the non-profit will continue pushing HTML5 in the new year. Mozilla announced today that Firefox 19, which is currently in beta, will have …

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PDF By Numbers: Who’s Going Paperless? [Infographic]

With the rising cost of physical resources saving money on supplies like paper and ink is more important than ever. PDF’s or paperless documents are a great way to cut expenses, even coupons are going paperless in case you haven’t realized. Who wants to store documents in gigantic, hard to manage file cabinets anymore? No one, I can store thousands …

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Google Docs Added Features

The Google Docs Blog just announced that the company has added improved discussions, search-scanned text in PDFs, custom Javascript and CSS support to personal Google sites and more. Google has made it easier to view and organize all comments made on user drawings, documents and presentations posted in Google Docs – by clicking on the “Comments” button at the upper …

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