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Bill Murray Achieves Maximum Cool With PBR Pants

Every single person on this planet (and others) knows it’s impossible for Bill Murray to become more charming and appealing. As soon as he shyly and wryly (an impossible countenance to achieve for everyone but Bill Murray) stares into the camera in [Insert any Bill Murray film here], that is the end. Maximum likability, marketability, and upward-mobility acquired! Go forth …

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How to Recognize an SXSW Fan on Facebook

Swaylo, a facebook app that measures how much attention you get on what you post, has released a new infographic measuring the trends of the 200,000+ people who have liked SXSW on Facebook. If you like SXSW on Facebook, odds are you also like Johnny Cash, Radiohead, and The Doors. You are probably listening to NPR, drinking Dos Equis, eating …

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