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Payday 2 Developers Walk Us Through The Perfect Heist

Payday 2’s August 13 is quickly approaching, and would be bank robbers are preparing for the biggest heist of their lives. Before they head out, however, they may want to see how the pros do it. In a new trailer released today, the folks at Overkill Software walk us through 8 minutes of a heist. Previous trailers have focused on …

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Every Heist Will Be Unique In Payday 2

Payday 2 is already looking pretty good, but every little tidbit dropped by the developers at Overkill Software shows that they’re going way beyond the call of duty to make this one of the best shooters of the year. In the latest trailer, Payday 2 director David Goldfarb discusses how they’re going to keep the game fresh so players will …

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Payday 2 Gets A Customizable Safehouse

Any self-respecting criminal needs a safehouse that reflects their sense of style and personality. That’s why Payday 2 is giving would be bank robbers their very own fully customizable safehouse. In a new trailer released today, Payday 2 game director David Goldfarb talks about the importance of the safehouse to the overall game experience. The safehouse’s primary function is to …

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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Payday 2

What is Payday 2? Is it getting paid for two weeks in a row for a job well done? Or is it just two delicious candy bars? While both of those sound nice, it can really only be one thing – the upcoming co-op bank robbery shooter from Overkill Studios. To learn all about Payday 2, watch this video of …

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Payday 2 Gets A Web Series Ahead Of Its Release

Payday: The Heist was one of the more interesting games to come out in recent years. It took the concept of cops and robbers to a new level by pitting teams against each other with one trying to coordinate a successful bank heist while the other attempted to take them down. Now the popular game is getting a sequel, and …

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Left 4 Dead Started With A Heist

Valve’s Left 4 Dead franchise is one of the most popular in gaming and for good reason. It made the zombie genre fun again by pushing the focus on co-op survival (or betrayal) while complimenting the normal zombies with unique infections. The Left 4 Dead comics have gone a long way to fleshing out the story, but what caused it …

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