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Sasha Vujacic Signs With Los Angeles Clippers With 10-Day Contract

In a search to obtain more depth for their roster, the Los Angeles Clippers have signed Sasha Vujacic. He is a native of Slovenia, and will join a group of talented veterans that are continually being added to the Clipppers roster. It will be homecoming for Vujacic in terms of location, as he was once a star for the Los …

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Rajon Rondo Will Likely Return To The Celtics By Friday

Rajon Rondo is finally nearing his return to the Boston Celtics after his injury. He could be ready as soon as Friday, and there is no doubt that he is needed on the floor with him being one of the top point guards in the league. The Celtics have struggled without him, and after injuring his right knee about a …

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Rajon Rondo Tweets About Possible Return

If you’ve been wondering exactly how long Rajon Rondo has been out due to injury, he’s already taken care of that for you. In a recent tweet, the Boston Celtics point guard calculated the seconds from when he underwent ACL surgery on Feb. 13, 2013, to his anticipated return, which is rumored to be this Friday against the Los Angeles …

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Kevin Garnett Swears At Refs, Fan Tries To Shield Younger Fan From Hearing [Video]

Complaining to the refs about a call that is made on the court is something that Kevin Garnett has been known for doing throughout his career. He has certainly had plenty to complain about this season after joining the Brooklyn Nets with the hopes of possibly having an incredibly successful season, only to see it go downhill very quickly. The …

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Brook Lopez, Center For The Brooklyn Nets , Out For The Season

In the next chapter of the Brooklyn Nets’ nightmare of a season, Brook Lopez has been severely injured. Lopez is the center for the Nets, and as a team that recently acquired hot talent from the Celtics, they were being predicted to win a title this year. Instead, they are struggling in the Eastern Conference, and only have a record …

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Boston Celtics Tie Playoff Series, Paul Pierce Tebows

Although they were playing without the point guard, Rajon Rondo, the Boston Celtics tied their playoff series against the Atlanta Hawks at 1-1, thanks in large part to a huge game by Paul Pierce, who finished with 36 points and 14 rebounds. Pierce got the Celtics rolling by scoring his team’s first nine points of the game; and while Pierce’s …

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