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Apple Pay Coming to 200K Vending Machines, Parking Stations

Apple and USA Technologies have just entered into a partnership that will make the company’s mobile payment solution, Apple Pay, available in over 200,000 self-service retail locations. What do they mean by “self-service retail locations”? Things like vending machines, laundry pay stations, and parking meters, for instance. “Our customers are excited to accept Apple Pay at the self-serve locations they …

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Here’s What Happens When You Park Like a Jerk

Instead of keying his car or something like that, one YouTuber decided that the best (non-violent) way to deal with a habitually awful parker was to block in his driver-side door with his own car. This is a great tactic if you find yourself out of those “hey, nice parking job asshole” cards that people like to stick on windshields …

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12-Year-Old Calls Out Cop For Parking on the Sidewalk [VIDEO]

Now that nearly everyone has video cameras in their pocket, videos of police doing (or failing to do) their jobs has become a staple on YouTube. Some citizens will even go so far as to test police by aggressively asserting their rights on camera, and now it seems that young adults are getting in on the action of holding the …

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Social Media Sets Super Bowl Parking Ablaze

Just three days after it was announced that there would be a Super Bowl 42 rematch between The New York Giants and The New England Patriots, ParkWhiz.com declared a major increase in tailgating and Super Bowl parking sales; sales are up 60% from last year, reports the site. The website uses social media such as Twitter and Facebook to to …

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