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Here’s What Happens When You Park Like a Jerk
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Instead of keying his car or something like that, one YouTuber decided that the best (non-violent) way to deal with a habitually awful parker was to block in his driver-side door with his own car. This is a great tactic …

12-Year-Old Calls Out Cop For Parking on the Sidewalk [VIDEO]
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Now that nearly everyone has video cameras in their pocket, videos of police doing (or failing to do) their jobs has become a staple on YouTube. Some citizens will even go so far as to test police by aggressively asserting …

Social Media Sets Super Bowl Parking Ablaze Social Media Sets Super Bowl Parking Ablaze

Just three days after it was announced that there would be a Super Bowl 42 rematch between The New York Giants and The New England Patriots, ParkWhiz.com declared a major increase in tailgating and Super Bowl parking sales; sales are …