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New Pandora Launched For All Users New Pandora Launched For All Users
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Pandora announced today that it is making its new site available for everybody. It’s been in the making for over a year, and has been available in limited beta for a while, but now everybody who uses Pandora can check …

Pandora CTO: “Pandora is the future of radio” Pandora CTO: “Pandora is the future of radio”

What’s not to love about radio? It’s keeps you updated on news and information, it’s entertaining, and it enables users to discover new artists and songs. According to Tom Conrad, the CTO and Head of Product at Pandora, almost 70 percent of all music listening happens on the radio.

Pandora Launches IPO, Market Cap: 2.87 Billion Pandora Launches IPO, Market Cap: 2.87 Billion

It wasn’t that long ago that Pandora was on the verge of going under thanks to royalty issues, but the company survived and went on to become the premier Internet radio service, giving users free music based on the artists …

Pandora Comedy Stations Launched Pandora Comedy Stations Launched
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Pandora Internet Radio has, at some point, helped most curious music lovers discover something completely new. For me, years ago, my Blitzen Trapper channel led me to Agalloch. I guess it’s the Portland thing. Those of you familiar with the …

Pandora Launches On TiVo

TiVo has announced the availability of Internet radio service Pandora on all of its broadband-connected TiVo Premiere boxes.

 On TiVo, users can create a new free Pandora account, or sign-in with an existing Pandora accounts and access their current station on television. Users can access Pandora stations created on TiVo or any other platform where they listen to Pandora, including PCs, smartphones and other connected devices.


Pandora Improves Its Music Discoverability

Pandora announced today that it is giving users the ability to launch genre-based Internet radio stations.  While Pandora is known for the creation of personalized stations, based on artists or songs, this gives users the opportunity to listen to broader stations, while remaining in their musical comfort zone.

Pandora Puts Privacy Settings Front and Center

Pandora has updated its site to make it easier for users to find and adjust their privacy settings. Given that Pandora was a launch partner for Facebook’s Open Graph initiative, which set off a huge wave of privacy concerns, this is probably a good idea, if not a bit late.

Consumer Watchdog: Google Spent $1.34 Million Lobbying in Q2
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Consumer Watchdog issued a press release saying that Google spent $1.34 million trying to influence federal lawmakers and regulators in the second quarter of 2010, a 41% increase over $950,000 in the same period a year ago.

Pandora Reaches 60 Million User Milestone
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Facebook isn’t the only one announcing impressive milestones today. Pandora announced at the New Music Seminar that it has 60 million registered users. That’s not exactly Facebook’s 500 million, but pretty impressive nonetheless.

It wasn’t that long ago that Pandora’s obituary was all but written, but things are looking bright for the company now.

B.J. Novak Roasts Google, Apple, Facebook at Webby Awards

B.J. Novak of NBC’s The Office and Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basteds hosted the Webby Awards last night.

In his opening monologue, he talked about how great Pandora is, how Apple should stop updating iTunes "for two days", unreliable Google Maps time estimates, the New York Times accepting an award from the Internet, Facebook privacy, and more.

Watch the video below (hat tip to Silicon Alley Insider):

Pandora Bringing Music Stream To Facebook

Pandora and Facebook will be deeply integrated according to an announcement at the F8 Developer Conference today.  using Facebook’s new Open Graph protocol, Pandora  will stream music directly onto the social networker from bands that fans have "liked” using Facebook buttons placed on other web sites. Users can also see what kind of music their friends are "liking" as well.

Facebook and Pandora Get Integrated
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Watching Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote at F8 today, Pandora was used as one of the prime examples of the social network’s freshly announced "Open Graph", or as I like to call it – Facebook’s overtaking of the web. When Facebook users use Pandora, they can "like" bands or songs, and that will be fully integrated to their Facebook experience as well.

Pandora Tunes In To Facebook, Twitter

An extremely popular Internet radio service has finally acknowledged two of the top social media sites.  Thanks to a new feature, Pandora users can now easily spread the word (or note, as it were) about good music to their Facebook friends and Twitter contacts.

Pandora Back Atop Apple’s App Store
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Pandora’s music discovery app has returned to its rightful place atop the Apple App Store. Sirius XM Radio gave them a pretty good run in the music category, edging out Pandora for several weeks. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be though.

Pandora Cuts Staff, But Still Growing

PandoraLayoffs at Internet companies continue to be announced, with the latest coming from Internet radio site Pandora. Pandora’s fate itself was in question not too long ago, but has recently found new hope and expects to survive after all.

Internet Radio Is Saved By Congress

There is new hope for Pandora and other webcasters, but any deal is far from done.

Pandora Never Says Die

PandoraPandora’s obituary was all but written last month as SoundExchange called for higher royalty payments from the Internet Radio site, and others like it. But there is a little life in the site and in the industry yet.

The Internet Radio Problem Bigger Than Pandora
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The other day I posted an article about Pandora’s probably upcoming demise as a result of a royalty rate hike put in place by SoundExchange, which represents record labels and the artists signed to them. If popular opinion around the ‘net is any indication, the issue is a lot larger than Pandora shutting down.

An Industry in Peril

Pandora Reaching Its Epilogue?
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Pandora.com, an Internet radio site that I am personally quite fond of is hitting a rocky patch (if you’re not familiar with Pandora, WebProNews recently chatted its CEO Tim Westergren, so check that out).

The Pandora Solution: Better, Not Popular, Search
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As the search engine world gets ready for its big-deal conference, Search Engine Strategies: San Jose in August, we tapped the deep intellect of Pandora CEO Tim Westergren for his thoughts on the future of search.

MixxMaker Facebook App like a Modern Mix Tape

Music has to be one of the most social forms of content — most of us, even if we listen to our favourite music alone, like to talk about it, tell others what we like and why. That’s why things like Last.fm and Pandora are so popular (although I can’t use Pandora because I’m Canadian and they recently blocked us Canucks for licensing reasons).