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What Have Google’s Biggest Mistakes Been?

Do you feel like Google makes many mistakes when it comes to trying to improve its search results? Do you think they’ve gone overboard or not far enough with regards to some aspect of spam-fighting? In the latest Google Webmaster Help video, head of webspam Matt Cutts talks about what he views as mistakes that he has made. He discusses …

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Google Expands Link Network Crackdown Across Europe

Google has been cracking down on link networks like never before in recent months. That continues with a couple more announcements from head of webspam Matt Cutts. In January, Cutts said Google was taking action on French link network Buzzea. He also noted that Germany was on the list of places Google was looking at. Then, in February, Google put …

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Here’s How Google Determines Whether Or Not Your Links Are ‘Paid’

Google put out a new 8-minute video about paid links. Matt Cutts talks about the various things that the search engine takes into consideration when determining whether or not links are “paid”. 99 percent of the time it’s abundantly clear, he says. Sometimes, not so much. He notes, “These are some of the criteria, but just like the webspam guidelines, …

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