Google Analytics Adds New ‘Speed Suggestions’ Report

Google Analytics Adds New ‘Speed Suggestions’ Report

By Chris Crum November 5, 2013 | 1 Comment

Google announced the launch of a new Speed Suggestions report in Google Analytics. This can be found under Site Speed along with Overview, Page Timings and User Timings. The report shows the average page load time for top visited pages …

Google Analytics Gets New Site Speed Report Google Analytics Gets New Site Speed Report
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Google announced today that it has added a new site speed report to Google Analytics, called User Timings. The report lets users track custom timings, and shows the execution speed or load time of any hit, event or user interaction. …

Leverage Browser Strengths For A Faster Site Leverage Browser Strengths For A Faster Site

We recently talked about reducing HTTP requests. Here’s a quick recap: Slow web pages impede your website’s goals; 90% of a typical web page’s slowness happens after the HTML has been downloaded; Reducing the number of HTTP requests triggered by …

Should You Block Google From Crawling Slow Pages? Should You Block Google From Crawling Slow Pages?
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Google’s head of web spam, Matt Cutts put out a new video discussing site speed’s impact on rankings. This is not the first time Cutts has addressed the issue, but it’s a somewhat different take than we’ve seen before, as …

Make Your Website Load Faster Make Your Website Load Faster

If your website consistently loads in under two seconds, congratulations!  It is in the small minority of sites able to meet the new threshold for patience among Internet users. But if yours is like the vast majority of websites that …

Google: Page Speed Affects Rankings In 1 Out Of 100 Searches Google: Page Speed Affects Rankings In 1 Out Of 100 Searches

With PubCon going on, Google’s Matt Cutts tweeted out a link to what he calls “a special webmaster video for #pubcon”. It’s about how Google determines page speed. Specifically, it’s Matt’s response to a user question: “How does Google determine …

Google Page Speed Service Rewrites Your Pages Google Page Speed Service Rewrites Your Pages

Google announced this morning that it’s releasing a new new web performance tool for webmeisters called Page Speed Service. This follows several other offerings from the company in the page speed realm, including a browser extension, the Page Speed Online …

Google Announces Instant Pages, Loads Results Before You Click Google Announces Instant Pages, Loads Results Before You Click

Google made several big search announcements today, including Voice Search for the desktop and Search by Image for the desktop (like Google Goggles on mobile). They also announced a couple new “instant’ features. For one, at its Inside Search event, …

Google’s Page Speed Online Launched

Over at the Google Webmaster Central blog, they’ve announced “Page Speed Online,” which allows users to check out the performance of any page on the internet, at any time.  Users will receive a page performance score calculated out of 100 …

Google Launches Page Speed For Chrome

Google said today it has released a Page Speed add-on for its Chrome browser. Chrome users can now receive Page Speed performance tips to make their sites faster from within the Chrome browser. Google says its Page Speed for Chrome …

Google’s Really Taking This Speed Thing Seriously
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Google has placed a great deal of emphasis on speed for the last year or two, offering numerous tools and resources aimed at speeding things up. In fact, Google has even attempted to speed up the search engine itself with Google Instant. 

Google Adds Page Load Time Metrics to Chrome
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As you probably know by now, Google considers page speed as one of its many signals for search engine rankings. With that in mind, you may also be interested in knowing that in Chrome 6, developers can access web timing metrics for measuring web page load time across browsers.

Google Works with About.com On Making the Web Faster
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About.com has partnered with Google’s Make the Web Faster team to make About.com faster. This is relatively significant to the web, given that About.com results often rank very high in search results.

The Latest in Google’s Effort to Make the Web Faster
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YouTube has just launched a "Speed Dashboard", which makes speed information about videos available to users. YouTube’s Chris Dale tells us it "offers granular insight into what your YouTube video speed looks like."

"We think it’s pretty cool and all part of our goal to make the web a faster place," he adds.

Google Sets Record Straight on Page Speed as Ranking Factor
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Late last year, in a conversation about the Caffeine update, Google’s Matt Cutts told WebProNews that page speed could become a factor Google looks at for ranking search results. His comments received a lot of attention, because Google has never taken this into consideration for ranking websites in the past.

Things to Consider if Page Speed is to Become a Ranking Factor
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About a month ago, WebProNews interviewed Google’s Matt Cutts, who suggested that page speed may soon become a ranking factor in the world’s most popular search engine. Speed has been a consistent theme with the company over the past year or so, with the release of various tools and announcements. It has become quite evident that Google places a great deal of importance on speeding up the web. With that in mind, it’s not hard to see why Cutts’ suggestion could soon become a reality.

Google: Page Speed May Become a Ranking Factor in 2010
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Over the course of 2009, a consistent theme that Google has been involved with is that of speed. In announcement after announcement, Google has talked about the importance of speed on the web, and how the company wants to do everything it can to make the web a faster place. Has it occurred to you that how fast your page loads may have a direct effect on how your site ranks in Google?