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Fukushima Radiation Tested for Along Pacific Coast

In March of 2011, a 9.0 earthquake in the Pacific triggered a tsunami which hit the coast of Japan, nearly demolishing the Fukushima nuclear power plant and resulting in huge amounts of radiation being washed into the ocean. In the three years since the event occurred, not much fall-out has been seen from the nuclear waste. However, many coastal cities …

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Tsunami Debris Still Headed to US, Just No Island

UPDATE: Nicholas Mallos, Ocean Conservancy’s marine debris specialist, said this with regard to clarifications from the NOAA about the reports of a “Texas-sized” island: “Following the 2011 tsunami that hit Japan a tremendous quantity of debris washed into the Pacific and began heading toward North America. While this debris was initially a solid mass, NOAA is right to indicate that …

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Tropical Storm Kiko: Last Advisory Issued

As of Monday, 2pm (Pacific), once labeled Tropical Storm Kiko had been demoted to Post-Tropical Cyclone Kiko by the National Weather Service, National Hurricane Center, located in Miami, Florida. The advisory stated: “Kiko becomes a remnant low… This is the last advisory.” The graphic above is the one corresponding to the advisory. One might almost feel sorry for the anthropomorphized …

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