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iOS 5 Released (Officially): 200+ New Features iOS 5 Released (Officially): 200+ New Features

Two days before the official launch of the iPhone 4S, Apple has made the brand new iOS 5 available for download. According to Apple, there are over 200 new features in the new OS. The feature that seems to be …

iOS 5 Release Date: October 12 (Official) iOS 5 Release Date: October 12 (Official)
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iOS 5 will be released on October 12, Apple announced today at the iPhone event. It’s been expected any time this fall, but now we have a solid date, and it’s coming up. iOS 5 was announced months ago, and …

Amazon Looking to Buy Palm, Get Into the OS Game? Amazon Looking to Buy Palm, Get Into the OS Game?

The days of Amazon being known as a bookseller or a retail giant might be coming to a close. Oh, of course they’ll still be both of those, but we might start thinking about the company more along the lines …

Windows 8 Developer Preview Unveiled Windows 8 Developer Preview Unveiled
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Microsoft previewed Windows 8 today at the BUILD conference. In his keynote, Steven Sinofsky, president of the Windows and Windows Live Division at Microsoft said, “We reimagined Windows. From the chipset to the user experience, Windows 8 brings a new …

Are iPhone Users Elitist? Are iPhone Users Elitist?
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The iPhone vs. Android battle is an intense conflict between warring groups hell-bent on making it well know that the opposing groups sucks. It’s as American as North vs. South, East vs. West, Boxers Vs. Briefs or dare I even …

Apple Sued for Patent Infringement Apple Sued for Patent Infringement

Apple is being sued by Operating Systems Solutions for patent infringement. OSS claims that Apple is selling computer systems “including but not limited to the MacBook Pro, that utilize the Mac OSX operating system that infringes,” on a claim in …

Windows Phone Mango Goes to Manufacturers Windows Phone Mango Goes to Manufacturers
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The next version of the Windows Phone operating system – Mango – has been released to the first manufacturers who will produce devices built around it. “This marks the point in the development process where we hand code to our …

Mac OS X Update Provides Bridge to Lion Mac OS X Update Provides Bridge to Lion
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At Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this month, the company demoed Mac OS X Lion, the next version of its flagship Mac operating system. It’s set to become available in July, but Apple has released another update to Mac OS …

Google Chromebooks Now on Sale for Consumers Google Chromebooks Now on Sale for Consumers
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Google’s first Chrome OS-powered Chromebooks from consumers finally became available today after months of testing through a pilot program with the Cr-48 model Google introduced when it first unveiled the operating system. Available models come from Samsung and Acer, and …

Windows 8: All About The Touch Windows 8: All About The Touch
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Yes, operating system completists, Microsoft is ramping up for the next generation of their operating system, lovingly known as Windows 8. After the success of Windows 7 — that is, it wasn’t Vista — it’s almost safe to say the …

Apple iCloud – The Future of iOS and Mac OS? Apple iCloud – The Future of iOS and Mac OS?
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Apple had been rumored to have acquired the domain iCloud.com from Xcerion, which changed its own cloud service’s name to CloudMe. According to a report, this has been confirmed by unidentified people who are in a “position to know”. AppleInsider …

iOS Update Comes to iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch iOS Update Comes to iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Apple has launched iOS updates for its various devices. The main update is iOS 4.3.2, designed to fix bugs with the original 4.3 software. Among the bugs the update addresses are FaceTime display and WiFi +3G connectivity issues. The 4.3.2 …

Apple Macbook Pro Release Complemented by Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview
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Apple made a couple significant announcements today. The major one is that it has updated its Macbook Pro family of devices, but they have also launched a developer preview of the Mac OS X Lion operating system. 

Report: iOS Grew Faster Than Android in January

Millennial Media released its Mobile Mix report for January, looking at trends for connected devices, mobile manufacturers, operating systems, and apps. "Last month we saw significant OS and Manufacturer growth on our network," a representative for the firm tells WebProNews. "iOS outpaced all other operating systems experiencing a 47% increase month-over-month. HTC claimed the number two spot on our Top Manufacturers ranking and is quickly closing the gap with Apple for the top manufacturer spot."

Mac App Store From Apple Officially Open
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Apple’s much-anticipated Mac App Store officially opened to the public today. Right off the bat, it’s got over 1,000 free and paid apps. 

The goal of the store has been to bring the App Store experience, which has been so popular with devices like the iPhone and iPad to the company’s Mac operating system. Users can buy apps at the Mac App Store using their existing iTunes accounts. 

Will Google’s Chrome OS Succeed?
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The biggest news in tech and business that wasn’t related to Wikileaks this week, was probably the unveiling of Google’s new operating system – Chrome OS.

Google Shows Off Chrome OS, Launches Pilot Program
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At a special Chrome Event today Google made some announcements regarding Chrome’s usage and strides in its performance. They also launched the Google Chrome Web Store, announced earlier this year at Google I/O. The main thing everybody was really waiting for however, was the launch of Chrome OS. 

Windows Phone 7 Devices Available in the U.S. How Will They Sell?

Windows Phone 7 devices went on sale in the United States today with models available in AT&T and T-Mobile, stores.

Microsoft is sharing results from a Harris Interactive survey to help push its new operating system. The thinking is that Windows phones are "designed to get users in, out and back to life."

Apple Fans Get All Kinds of Good News Today
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Apple made a series of announcements today, including a new MacBook Air, a sneak peek of Mac OS X Lion, the Mac App Store, a public beta of FaceTime for Mac, and the introduction of iLife ’11 with upgrades to iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand.

The New MacBook Air

Will Windows Phone 7 Be A Success?
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Microsoft showed off its new Windows Phone 7 devices this week. There are a lot of questions about how Microsoft will perform in the smartphone space, though they’re clearly up to the challenge. Microsoft’s success in this space also has big implications for the company’s performance in the search market, which means search marketers should keep an eye on this.

Samsung Reportedly Dropping Symbian Support By End of the Year

Samsung is reportedly dropping support for the Symbian operating system. According to Engadget, the company sent an email to Symbian developers saying they are closing its Symbian forum and removing all Symbian content before the year is over. 

While perhaps not entirely unexpected, as Engadget points out Samsung hinted at such a move last year, it is interesting timing. Symbian has recently revamped its OS.