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Tag: Operating Systems

Google Asking For Help With Its Fuchsia OS
Google is opening the door to greater collaboration with the open source community on its latest operating system (OS) endeavorer, Fuchsia....
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Facebook on BlackBerry Will Continue Via Web App
In what appeared to be a major blow to the already struggling BlackBerry, Facebook recently decided to discontinue WhatsApp and Facebook API support f...
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Chrome OS Isn’t Going Away, Says Google
Rumors of Chrome OS and Android merging into one operating system have seemingly been happening nearly as long as the two operating systems have exist...
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Microsoft To Offer One Operating System For All Screens
At some point in the future, Microsoft will offer its users a single operating system experience across all screens, making things a lot easier on app...
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Linux 3.13 Kernel Officially Released
The latest Linux kernel was officially released this week, bringing several new features with the start of the new year. Linux 3.13 can now be compile...
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Amazon Updates Fire OS To 3.1, Adds Goodreads Integration
Less than two months after Amazon unveiled Mojito – Fire OS 3.0 – the company has now launched 3.1. It’s a free, over-the-air update...
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Amazon’s Fire OS 3.0 ‘Mojito’ Comes With A Ton Of New Features, Major ‘Mayday’ Customer Support Feature
Amazon has unveiled version 3.0 of its Android-based Fire OS, named “Mojito.” The announcement comes with that of Amazon’s new Kindl...
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iOS 7 Update Hits iPhones, iPads & iPods Today
Update: A lot of people are having trouble downloading the update. The long-anticipated iOS 7 update comes to various iDevices today. The new operatin...
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Samsung Reportedly Slowing Development on OS Tizen
Last year, Samsung teamed up with Intel and the Linux Foundation to develop Tizen, and open-source operating system for mobile devices. Tizen is one o...
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Her, Spike Jonze’s Man Falls in Love with an OS Movie, Gets a Trailer
The first trailer for Her, director Spike Jonze’s new Joaquin-Phoenix-falls-in-love-with-an-operating-system movie, has just landed. Her stars P...
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Windows May Not Monopolize Mobile, But It Still Dominates Worldwide
It seems as if there is a rush to downgrade the Windows operating system, declaring its an institution that has seen its pinnacle and is now in declin...
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Schmidt: Chrome And Android To Remain Separate (But With More Overlap)
Some of us have expected that Google’s Android and Chrome operating systems would eventually converge into one operaring system. That’s mo...
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Apple Launches iOS 6.1, Increases LTE Support
Apple announced today that it has updated iOS to version 6.1, adding LTE capabilities to 36 more iPhone carriers and 23 more iPad carriers around the ...
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Most Americans Haven’t Even Heard of Windows 8, Says Survey
If you watched any sort of TV this weekend, especially if it was online, then it’s almost certain you saw an advertisement for Windows 8. Micros...
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Windows 8 Still Baffling to Non-Geeks
Way back in March of this year, when the Windows 8 consumer preview was released, Chris Pirillo, aka LockerGnome, had his father sit down with the new...
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Windows 8 Viewed Negatively by Suppliers, Says Analyst
Though today’s commercial shows a fun and highly usable experience, much criticism has been hurled toward Microsoft’s upcoming operating s...
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Microsoft Windows 8 Pre-Orders Now Available
Microsoft today announced that DVD copies of the Windows 8 Pro upgrade are now available for pre-order at select retailers. The operating system upgra...
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OS X Mountain Lion, Like iOS 6, Adds Facebook Integration With New Update
Apple’s big iOS update, iOS 6, is hitting iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches today, but Mac OS X Mountain Lion is also getting an update with versi...
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Joaquin Phoenix Falls For an Operating System in Spike Jonze’s Next Film
Apparently, we’re about to get the Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with Siri film we’ve all been waiting for. According to The Film Stage, S...
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Chrome OS Gets Some User Interface Tweaks
Is it just me or is Chrome OS getting more and more WIndows-looking? Remember, when you just signed in, and you were in Chrome, and that was basically...
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