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Opera And Google To Remain BFFs Until 2014

Most major browsers currently available on the market use Google as their default search provider. Mozilla continues to utilize the search engine in Firefox after announcing an agreement in December that will extend their partnership for at least three more years. Opera has just entered into a similar deal. Opera Software has entered into a new agreement with Google. The …

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Take A Journey Through Four Years Of The Browser Wars

Oh how things have changed since 2008, when most of the world was browsing the web via Internet Explorer. It’s no secret that IE has been leaking market share over the past few years, but now we have a pretty visualization that shows exactly how the globe became a little less reliant on Microsoft’s revolutionary web browser. Ok, “a little …

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Opera 12 Exits Beta With New Features

Opera 12 went into beta back in April. The newest version of the underdog browser brought along some great new features like improved HTML5 support and better security. Opera 12 is now out of beta and brings along with it all the great stuff from before, plus a few new tricks. Outside of the improvements from the beta, Opera 12 …

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Facebook Boots Chrome, Adds Opera To Supported Browser Page

This is not as much of a big story as it is fuel to a previous rumor. According to a screencap courtesy FavBrowser, Facebook has ditched Chrome on its recommended browser landing page and opted to suggest users download the latest version of Opera instead. You can’t check out that page though, as it no longer exists – you’ll be …

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Facebook May Be Looking to Purchase Opera [RUMOR]

According to a source close with Pocket-lint, Facebook is said to be on the prowl to acquire Opera Software, maker of the Opera web browser. There are a few reasons for why this sounds plausible and one or two for why it doesn’t. The most obvious reason that lends any validity to this rumor is the fact that Facebook’s money …

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Opera 12 Beta Gains A Lot, Loses A Little

Opera is one of those less talked about browsers out there. That’s not to say it’s a bad browser, it just gets ignored somehow when the subject is brought up. It really is one of the best browsers out there in terms of security, but it has been behind in a few key areas – not anymore. Opera announced the …

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Opera Payment Exchange Taking Mobile Payments Around The World

Everybody is getting into the mobile payment business these days. While Google Wallet has been one of the most talked about (and hacked) mobile payment options, Opera now offers their own alternative. Opera Software, developer of the Opera browser, announced today the launch of the Opera Payment Exchange program. Their goal is to provide the world’s best experience in mobile …

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Opera Software Updates Mini And Mobile

Opera has announced updated versions of their web browser software and it is ready for download now. Their smartphone browser is now in its 12th version and it is supposed to be faster and easier than ever. Not only that, a new feature called Smart Page has the ability to integrate Facebook and Twitter, so you can get all of …

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