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Court: Open Source Can Dictate the Rules
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It’s no secret that there’s money in open source software. So naturally, along with it comes some rules.

"Copyright holders who engage in open source licensing have the right to control the modification and distribution of copyrighted material."

So says the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

Hell Freezes Over: Microsoft Sponsoring Apache
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Microsoft made three announcements at the 2008 OSCON in Portland, one of which should be a stunner to anyone who’s followed the company over the past decade.

MySQL To Remain Open Source

MySQL created a bit of an uproar when it seemed ready to close sourcing portions of the MySQL server.  Now, in what’s a nod to the power of crowds in more than one way, the decision has been reversed.

Open Source Google Apps Provisioning Toolkit Appears

Ever see the animation in which a figure wears down his fingers, arms, and then head while typing quickly?  IT admins risk becoming that figure if they’ve got to create too many accounts in Google Apps.  Or they can avoid the bloodshed and use the new Open Source Google Apps Provisioning Toolkit.

Yahoo Gives Hadoop A Big Hug

Yahoo’s done one impressive thing after another since Microsoft threatened to acquire it, and now, in a step that should make the open source community proud, Yahoo has announced that it’s running "the world’s largest Hadoop application, a 10,000 core Linux cluster producing data used by the Yahoo! Search Webmap."

Gartner: Open Source To Be Widely Popular By 2012

Like eating fruits and vegetables or building lighter cars, open-source technology seemed like the sort of good idea that would always go ignored.  But according to Gartner, elements of open-source technology will be present in 80 percent of all commercial software by the year 2012.

Rethinking the OSS Business Model

Fleury and Rodrigues Separated at Birth?

Come on, you have to admit, the resemblance is uncanny. I’m obviously kidding. I’m much better looking. His sizable bank account and ability to keep a beat probably balances the score though 😉

The Consensus About the Future of Marketing

Is it just me, or is there now a consensus in the world of marketing about the future?

Does Open License Mean Open Season?

The unattributed verbatim appearance of a Wikipedia article in a book from a major publisher sparked accusations of plagiarism, and raises more serious issues of ethics as well as the perils of publishing under open licenses.

Zude Is Cool, Dude

In a time where having a website seems to mean running a blog, Zude offers a sophisticated, straight ahead way to build a site through the easiest drag and drop process imaginable.

OS Licensing for SaaS
Open Source came before, if not provided a platform for, Software as a Service.  Open Source Licenses have a big loophole for the most common method of software distribution today.  Tim O’Reilly addresses this while making yet another argument for open data.
Open Source Expert: Google Not A Team Player

Google makes rare books available for free, protects the environment, and gives grants to many non-profit organizations.  But in at least one respect, the company may not be so generous; General Public License (GPL) author Eben Moglen feels Google should contribute more to the open source community.

Microsoft Declaring War on Firefox, Linux

Microsoft has announced that they’ll be suing open-source software companies, developers and even users for patent infringement—on 235 patents.

Adobe Flex Enters Open Source
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Adobe hopes to attract more developers to their Flex platform by releasing its SDK under terms of the Mozilla Public License.

Open Source: It’s The Service, Silly

While the stock market has minted a few tech people as billionaires, including the richest geek on the planet, the most successful in the open source movement probably won’t touch the same level of wealth.

Bloated Shelf-ware

I’ve been catching up on some reading and found the comments to a post from Dana very interesting.

Here’s a summary (although the comments are worth a read):

Free Software – Should it Be Free?

By now, you’ve probably heard about or read Mark Shuttleworth’s view on keeping free software free. Matt Asay has a take on Mark’s post here.

Open Source Needs More Concerted Efforts

Major corporate houses choose open source partly due to the economic gains and mainly due to the control the open source system gives to their hands.

Open Source and Career Opportunities
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Matt Asay has some good advice for folks asking him for career advice: “Work for an open source company.”

Open Source Second Life’s Next Steps

Monday’s announcement by Linden Lab that the software you run on your computer to interact with Second Life will be opened up to anyone who wants to contribute to its future development generated wide-ranging commentary in the media and among bloggers.

Integrating w/ (Future) Competition

Alex Fletcher has a nice list of hypothetical new year’s resolutions for the open source community.

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