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Archify Is A Tool You Might Actually Want Tracking Everything You Do Online

Sometimes people actually wish everything they did was tracked online. That may be a hard concept for some to swallow, but surely you’ve encountered an experience where you ran across some piece of online content, but then want to see it again, days later, only to realize that you can’t find it. You can’t remember where you saw it, and …

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Calculate How Much Obama & Romney Are Willing to Spend on Your Vote

It’s no secret that both the Obama and Romney teams are doing all they can to get your vote on November 6th, and they have been for quite some time. Much of that effort is directed toward your online activities, as the campaigns want to know what you browse and how you click – as it helps them better target …

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HTML 5 Tracking Spreading, Says Berkeley Web Privacy Census

The University of California at Berkeley Law School today released its quarterly census of web trackers, and the results point to a rise in sites’ use of local HTML5 storage. The report, titled The Web Privacy Census, was authored by Nathan Good and Chris Jay Hoofnagle. HTML5 local storage, according to the report, allows developers more flexibility and much more …

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Behavioral Ads are Bad According to Consumers [Infographic]

Consider the following question: If a search engine collects information about your searches and then uses it to rank your future search results that’s, a). Good, or B). Bad? Next consider this question: If a search engine keeps track of your searches and uses that information to personalize your future search results, that’s, a). OK, or b). Not Ok? These …

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