Behavioral Ads are Bad According to Consumers [Infographic]


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Consider the following question: If a search engine collects information about your searches and then uses it to rank your future search results that's, a). Good, or B). Bad? Next consider this question: If a search engine keeps track of your searches and uses that information to personalize your future search results, that's, a). OK, or b). Not Ok? These are the exact questions Pew Research asked consumers.

What they found was that 65% of people thought ranking searches based on previous searches was bad and that 73% believed using past searches to personalize search results was not okay. So it sounds like an overwhelming majority, in both cases, valued privacy more than customized search results.

This next infographic from Loeb & Loeb LLP. illustrates some key finding in regard to gathering and protection of our personal information and the ability to opt-out of the collection of our behavioral information. It's a hot issue right now and there are many protection in place to protect consumers, but like any system it can only be trusted as well as it is enforced and that's most likely where we are coming up short.

It's loaded with information so read carefully and enjoy:
behaviral advertising