Why Aren’t SMBs Investing More In Online Marketing?

Why Aren’t SMBs Investing More In Online Marketing?

By Chris Crum January 20, 2015

Local SEO firm BrightLocal recently released some findings from its annual SMB Internet Marketing Survey. These revealed that plenty of small and midsize businesses find online marketing effective, and plan to spend more on it in the future, yet a …

Are Banner Ads Still Working? [Infographic] Are Banner Ads Still Working? [Infographic]

Banner ads have been around for almost a decade. Their design is actually very intelligent; colorful and eye-catching the viewer is compelled to click on them to see where they lead. Well, as the saying goes, “I’m not gonna fall …

Yahoo! Small Business Adds Marketing Dashboard Yahoo! Small Business Adds Marketing Dashboard
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Yahoo! Small Business launched the Yahoo! Marketing Dashboard today, a free platform that allows businesses to seek out new marketing channels and to get a better picture of marketing results, site stats and brand reputation, all in one place. Below …

The World’s Best Internet Marketing Software 2012 [Infographic] The World’s Best Internet Marketing Software 2012 [Infographic]

Ever feel like the vast sea of internet companies is too large to keep track of and sift through to determine who is the the bet at what they do? Now days, if you want to be relevant, you have …

Facebook Ads Reaching More Than Google! [Infographic] Facebook Ads Reaching More Than Google! [Infographic]
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Making your advertising dollars count is important to the success of your organization and you have to draw on as many sources as possible to make informed decisions about where to spend those dollars. Since online advertising is one of …

Small Business Driving Growth With Online Platforms Small Business Driving Growth With Online Platforms
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A new Citibank survey has verified that online and social media platforms are becoming a key driver to marketing success. Over 70% of small businesses report using online campaigns through their company website to grow their customer-base. Around 60% have …

Why Digital Marketing Challenges Everyone

Sometimes I can see it in their eyes. During a speaking appearance, I’ll look out at the audience and see fear. Not the "Big F" kind of "Run for your lives, citizens!" terror that you see in a B-movie. No, I am talking about the kind of fear that makes you stop and check things out just one more time before trying something. The fear that causes you to wait for someone else to make the first move. I see it all the time in digital marketing. It’s totally understandable. It’s human nature. I am extremely sympathetic to everyone who experiences it.

Super Bowl Advertising On the Web
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As the Super Bowl approaches, so do the time-honored ads that will accompany it. Advertisers aren’t just turning to the game itself to capitalize, however. Many are turning to the web to get some mileage out of the event. The History Channel, for example, has turned to Yahoo, and will be running ads for a new Larry the Cable Guy show on Yahoo Sports to capitalize on the inevitable Super Bowl fan traffic. 

Adobe Acquires Data Management Platform Company Demdex

Adobe has acquired data management platform company Demdex, which it says will help it "bring audience optimization to $109 billion global online ad market. The company will add it to its Adobe Online Marketing Suite, powered by Omniture.

Four Simple Steps For Better Online Marketing
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2011 is being touted as the year of the website, so the start of the New Year is the time to get your online marketing campaign started.

The key is to plan your strategy so you don’t become overwhelmed or fork out too much money.

I have outlined below some areas to consider when creating your plan:

1. Know Your Customer

Big Name Internet Marketers Join Forces for BlueGlass

Some big names in Internet marketing have gotten together and started up BlueGlass Interactive, described as a "new agency concept that combines proven online marketing strategies and resutls with a suite of proprietary technologies."

More Marketing Dollars Shifting from Offline to Online
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Econsultancy and Exact Target have released a report based on joint research, polling over 1,000 marketers about their brand reputation strategies. The research found that marketers are slashing their budgets for radio, TV, and print, while looking online to build their brand reputation. The firms say the research indicates there will be a 17% surge in digital marketing spending this year.

8 Reasons You Need to Stop Ignoring Twitter
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There have been many articles written about why to use Twitter, and we’ve certainly published our fair share of them. However, the landscape is constantly changing. New trends, ideas, applications, and features come out, and they further emphasize Twitter’s place in said landscape. Following are some reasons why it is becoming increasingly important to marketers.

Online Marketing Leads Paranormal Activity to Wide Release
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Paranormal Activity is a movie that has made its way to a wide theatrical release this weekend as a result of some clever online marketing. The movie is described as a "Blair Witch"- type film, in that it is told through fake "realistic" video footage. This is a cliché that has been used numerous times in the horror genre.

The film boasts some pretty bold quotes from some well-known sources. For example:

Study: Half of Traffic to UK Sites Comes from Online Marketing
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The AT Internet Institute conducted a study comparing investments in online marketing campaigns among France, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom. The firm’s findings are that the UK far exceeds the other three countries in this realm.

StumbleUpon Can Get You Big Traffic and Lots of Links
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Facebook and Twitter have both been proven to be valuable sources of traffic to many sites, but another potential source that you might be overlooking is StumbleUpon. It is true that in the past, StumbleUpon has been presented as a traffic tool, but the results weren’t always what webmasters and marketers had hoped for.

What Bing, Twitter, and Facebook Mean for SEO
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Google is traditionally the main area of focus when it comes to search engine optimization. With the search engine giant so far ahead of the game in terms of search market share, it’s not hard to understand why.