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Mobile Gambling Hit $10 Billion Last Year

As more video game publishers focus on the large smartphone and tablet install base, monetization schemes on mobile platforms has begun to evolve grow. Microtransactions are now normal for new mobile game releases, encouraging players to pay small amounts of money constantly to keep the action going. Of course, casinos and other gambling establishments have been taking small cuts of …

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Zynga Launches Real-Money Online Gambling In The UK

Zynga Poker is one of the game developers’ most popular titles, but it still doesn’t provide players with the ability to play with real money. That won’t change for players in the U.S., as online gambling is illegal, but it will be possible for our friends in the UK starting today. Zynga announced that ZyngaPlusPoker and ZyngaPlusCasino will be launching …

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Online Gambling Legalization Getting Closer To Reality

It looks as though the proverbial floodgates are about to be opened in the online gambling debate. Nevada has already passed a law and New Jersey is likely to follow soon, according to Pillsbury lawyer Jim Gatto. He adds that Hawaii and California are also considering bills to legalize online gambling. Up until last year, online betting was considered illegal. …

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