AOL Launches Programmatic Ad Platform ‘One’

AOL Launches Programmatic Ad Platform ‘One’

By Chris Crum March 26, 2014

AOL has rebranded AOL Networks to AOL Platforms, and announced the launch of One, a cross-screen programmatic ad platform, which combines the teams and technologies behind Adap.tv, AdLearn Open Platform (AOP) and MarketPlace, and lives under the AOL Platforms brand. …

Responding to Paid Link Post from Cutts

I have had a chance to deal with the odd email over the last 2 weeks whilst moving house, but I knew I should respond to this paid links post by Matt Cutts as soon as I was able to do so with some level of detail.

The Great Social Retailing Invention

Social networking is so popular online that it’s spilling into the physical world – at actual stores. Called social retailing, the concept debuted at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) show last January 2007. Recently, the concept, by IconNicholson was selected by Time Magazine as One of the Best Inventions of 2007.

Dealing with Upset Customers

Anger is one of the less noble of human emotions. We tend to beat ourselves up when we get angry. After the emotion dies down, we feel a little foolish for losing control. As Ben Franklin said,

PubCon Pics – Day One

PubCon is great excuse to test out my new digital SLR camera. Here are a few photos from my Flickr account–there are 70+ photos in total from day one.

Google Checks Out Frequent Flyer Promo

Google continues its seasonally aggressive Checkout campaign, again offering discounts and special promotions in advance of Cyber Monday.

Browsing With iPhone Is Abject Faliure

"Even the iPhone’s browser can disappoint. It has a version of the Apple Safari browser that doesn’t support Flash, a programming language widely used on Web sites, so users are limited in what they can see on the Web.

“One Laptop Per Child” A Trendy Search Term

Due to its charitable goals, the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) project deserves a thumbs up.  But due to higher-than-planned prices and mixed reactions from would-be recipients, I wasn’t sure that it would get – issues of “deserve” aside – much money.  Turns out it is, at least, receiving a lot of traffic.

An Internet Company with No Server

I’m sure this isn’t the only one, after all, SmugMug’s CEO told me that they had moved pretty much everything over to Amazon’s S3 a while back.

But I always assumed that companies would have at least one server keeping things up, just in case Amazon went down. Or just because.

I was wrong.

BlogWorld: SEO Tips For Bloggers
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WebProNews is in Las Vegas this week at the BlogWorld and New Media Expo. In the session "Search Engine Optimization: Best Practices", the speakers focused on SEO tips for bloggers.

Yahoo’s Kickstart Will Need One

The ancient question about the chicken or the egg coming first applies to Yahoo’s latest service, a college student and alumni social networking site called Kickstart.

Gmail Interface Getting an Upgrade

Hot on the heels of Gmail’s introduction of IMAP support comes upgrades to its interface. Google Operating System has details of what’s being rolled out and Sam Harrelson is one of the first to see the new features.

Microblogging: What Is It Good For?
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The microblogging concept isn’t one that settles neatly among a myriad of more intuitive platforms. Regardless, microblogging platforms like Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce, and PlaceShout are gaining steam in the social media realm with or without you.

Colbert Gains Support On Facebook
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Comedian Stephen Colbert’s fictitious bid for the presidency has created a pretty big buzz on social networking site Facebook.

Yahoo Shuts Down 360

Yahoo has announced it is shutting down Yahoo 360, its never-popular social networking service. 360, which launched on March 29, 2005 (apparently the last time I was ever hopeful about Yahoo), never caught on the way Microsoft’s Spaces did, having a less-appealing interface, and bad decision to start as invite-only, and a lack of promotion and integration from its host company.

Decker: Korea One Of The Most Important Markets

Parents aren’t supposed to play favorites, and Sue Decker, Yahoo’s president, didn’t actively insult any of her company’s various arms.  She did, however, identify as Korea as one of the “most important” markets, and this has some interesting implications.

YouTube: Broadcast Your Porn
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You may have noticed a newer feature on YouTube, right at the top of the homepage, called "Videos being watched right now…." If you were checking out that feature around 11:00 this morning, you would have noticed people were watching porn.