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Olympic Charter Referenced With Google Doodle Supporting Gay Rights

Google has a doodle up on its homepage throughout the world today celebrating the Olympic Games, but also making a statement in favor of gay rights. Not only does the doodle resemble a rainbow flag, Google has actually quoted the Olympic Charter on its homepage underneath the search box. It says: “The practice of sport is a human right. Every …

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Tonya Harding Talks Nancy Kerrigan Assault, Claims ‘The Media Sank Her’

Yesterday marked 20 years since Tonya Harding’s infamous involvement in the assault of Olympic figure skater, Nancy Kerrigan. For those who aren’t aware of the astounding story that shocked the nation, Harding was actually a rival of Kerrigan’s. A premeditated assault on Kerrigan was orchestrated by Harding’s ex-husband Jeff Gillooly, and three other co-conspirators. On Jan. 6, 1994, six weeks before the …

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Lindsey Vonn May Compete 5-Weeks Ahead of Schedule

In non-squirrel-related, Lindsey Vonn-related news, the world-class skier is reconsidering the idea of competing in the alpine skiing, World Cup opener at the end of the month. During the US Olympic Committee media summit on Wednesday, Vonn reported, “I’m feeling so strong and ready that I’m bringing that possibility back into the mix.” If Vonn does compete in the event …

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Paralympic Games Begin Tomorrow in London

The 2012 Paralympic Games are set to kick off tomorrow evening in London. The 14th Paralympic Games will host around 4,200 athletes from 166 countries, including over 200 athletes from the U.S. Many of the U.S. athletes competing are military veterans who lost limbs or sustained other injuries during their service. Tonight a 24-hour torch relay will begin the countdown …

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Olympic Torches on eBay

Apparently the Olympics are more than just a time to show pride in one’s country. British Olympic torchbearers are selling the torches for a profit of up to $237,000 on eBay. 8,000 people were chosen to be torchbearers because of contributions to their communities, according to the AFP. The Olympic torch is a symbol of purity and is being turned …

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