YouTube To Soon Add Offline Video Viewing To Mobile Devices

YouTube To Soon Add Offline Video Viewing To Mobile Devices

By Zach Walton September 18, 2013

Have you ever found yourself without Internet, but wanting to watch YouTube? Well, there are a few unofficial ways to download YouTube videos, but Google will soon offer an option of its own. The YouTube team announced today that it …

Online Consumer Reviews Drive Offline Sales

Internet users who read online reviews are willing to spend around 20 percent more for services receiving an "Excellent," or 5-star, rating than for the same service receiving a "Good," or 4-star, rating, according to a new study from comScore.

Google Calendar Going Offline?

Disconnecting from the Internet doesn’t excuse you from most tasks, so why should such a move disable your calendar?  There are hints that, in coming days, it won’t – as long as you use Google Calendar.

Local Ad Market Drives Online Players Offline

Reaching the typical brick and mortar small business and offering online advertising has compelled Internet players to hit the bricks themselves.

Online Revenge Company Driven Offline
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Online punsters are slacking – Am I really the first to offer the gratuitous transmogrification to "e-venge" or "Revenge 2.0?" A company that appears to offline since news broke, offered revenge packages to online customers seeking to ruin their opponents.

Is Facebook Considering Offline Version?

Facebook has acquired Sequoia Capital-back Parakey and everyone’s speculating what they plan to do with the new company. Om Malik suspects Facebook might be interested in providing an offline version of the social networking site.

Networking Online Inspiring Groups to Take it Offline

A growing trend in the online world and social media in general is the proliferation of social groups and networks that are taking their services and members offline. Businesses like Yelp, Biznik and many others are looking for ways to maintain their user base and gain new customers.

In some cases the company holds sanctioned events and group networking meetings, but members often take it upon themselves to set up networking events. This is slowly creating more tight knit communities that are great for meeting people for general purposes and for networking.

Do Not Follow Google’s Mistakes

This is not an attempt to bash Google. However, you can sometimes learn what not to do from some very successful people and products.

Google Reader & Offline News Reading

In the first week of June Google launched a program called "Google Gears" that expands the already impressive capabilities of Google Reader (Google’s free news reader) to allow offline viewing. Here is a quote from Google’s related blog posting:

User Generated Content for New CNN Show

CNN have introduced a new show called News To Me:

Google Has Online Tips For Offline Business

Three basic ideas for AdWords clients whose businesses are otherwise brick-and-mortar can help them determine just how well their campaigns are working.

Easy Money from Video Content
Google bought YouTube, but is struggling with ironing out ad revenue shares and advertising. What is the easiest way for Google to fix these issues? Integrate YouTube and Google Video directly into Google’s search results.

Consumers Research Products Online,Buy Offline

A new survey from Accenture finds that the majority of U.S. consumers use the Internet to research products but prefer to make their purchases offline.

Consumers Research Products Online,Buy Offline
Consumers Research Products Online,Buy Offline
Consumers Research Products Online,Buy Offline
Survey: Social Network Users Meet Offline

Jacobs Media has released the results of their Web survey, which found that social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook are drivers for first time personal meetings.

Why Google’s Brand is Hurting its Offline Expansion Plans
When most people think of the Google brand, they get a warm fuzzy feeling. Indeed, Google is one of the top influential brands in the world, but not everyone feels butterflies in their tummy, when they think of Google.

In fact, when it comes to offline advertising channels, Google is finding that it’s brand is more of a hindrance, than help, when it comes to negotiating deals with radio, TV and newspaper markets. As the NYT highlights, many traditional ad channels are very cautious, if not fearful, that Google will enter their space and devalue the existing offering.

Location – Online & Offline Business Costs

I have went shopping with my girlfriend in San Fransisco a few times, and got to thinking about how most of the businesses in the city pay $4,000 to $20,000 per month for rent. In many cases, with a 5 year term.

You can buy a great domain name for that. You can compete in the search results in most markets for that. Monthly rent to buy exposure in one city is recurring. Many online marketing costs and domain costs are not.

Want Offline Sales? Place Product Info Online

Brick-and-mortar commerce has a powerful ally in the Internet, as many people research a potential purchase online first before heading to a local business to buy.