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Microsoft Appoints New Division Leaders
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Microsoft announced some new leadership promotions today. The company promoted Kurt DelBene to president of the Microsoft Office Division, Andy Lees to president of the Mobile Communications Business, and Don Mattrick to president of the Interactive Entertainment Business.

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Coming in October

Microsoft announced today that it will make Office for Mac 2011 available in over 100 countries at the end of October. It will be available in Home and Student and Home and Business versions.

The company also announced that starting today, if customers purchase Office 2008 for Mac, they’ll be able to upgrade to 2011 for free when it becomes available.

Attorney General Sues A Washington SEO Firm

An attorney general is suing a Redmond-based e-commerce service providing company, which had faltered on its promises of bringing up Web Traffic for a number of small businesses, driving many customers to file complaints.

Attorney General Rob McKenna reportedly stated that, “When it comes to Internet search results, every small business wants to pull a high ranking. Merchants hoping to increase their online sales paid thousands of dollars to Visible.net and Captures.com but didn’t always receive the top listings and other services they were promised.”

Microsoft Takes Office Cloud-ward
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Microsoft is taking its Office program and going online. The next release of Microsoft Office will include Office Web applications, “lightweight” versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

The company’s announcement follows yesterday’s unveiling of its cloud-based Web apps operating platform, Windows Azure, and both are “part of a strategic companywide shift toward embracing web-based solutions.”

Hotmail Founder Seeking Lawsuit from Microsoft?

Sabeer Bhatia, co-founder of Hotmail (which he sold to Microsoft) is now trying to take on Microsoft Office and Google Docs, launching an online office suite.

While that in and of itself is a perfectly fine (albeit difficult) project, Sabeer’s methods are surprisingly self-destructive. His Live Documents site (a name that makes you think of Microsoft’s Office Live) uses Office 2007’s “Ribbon” interface, designed in Flex, to power document editing, spreadsheets and presentations.

Microsoft Spending $500M On Chicago Datacenter

A project to construct a massive datacenter near Chicago complements Microsoft’s establishment of other centers in Washington State and near San Antonio.

Facebook’s New York Office Fails To Impress

When someone gets a new house or apartment, visitors generally feel obliged to “ooh” and “aah” a bit for the owner’s sake.  Prices and pics of Facebook’s New York office have circulated, however, and they’re creating more of a “you-paid-what?!?” effect.

eBay Expresses Interest In Southeast Asia

Like Google and Yahoo before it, eBay is eyeing Asia and the best ways to succeed in that region.  And although eBay is focusing on a slightly different group of countries, it, like Google, intends to concentrate on the mobile market.

Microsoft Cuts Prices Because Of Google?

We all know that many of Google’s offerings are free, and that the rest of them are cheap; for this, we are grateful.  But according to none other than Eric Schmidt, the search giant may also have kept Microsoft on a budget-minded path.

FCC: ISPs Should Forward Emails Like Post Office

The Federal Communications Commission is looking into the issue of whether or not Internet service providers should be required to forward emails to customers who switch providers.

Google Celebrates Anniversary, Opens New Office

Some companies don’t celebrate anniversaries.  Some merely put a few grocery-store cupcakes near the water cooler.  But Google knows how to handle an anniversary – the search giant recently made a big cake and opened a new office in Fremont, Washington.

Early Look: Microsoft Office Live Workspace
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We have picked up a trio of screenshots of the forthcoming Office Live Workspace, which we’re just thrilled beyond rational thought to share with you.

Office Live To Offer Search Engine Marketing Services

Search Engine Watch reported that Microsoft has added Search Engine Marketing to the services Office Live businesses can use to help grow their websites.

Social Media – PR Folks are Just Doing It

“I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Being willing is not enough, we must do.” — Leonardo DaVinci

PR/Marketing folks have been busy doing more than playing with social media. Here’s a quick, incomplete and unofficial list of pointers.

Microsoft Sales Soar From Mac Users

The Mac version of Microsoft Office accounts for 20 percent of U.S. retail sales according to NPD.Mac users account for 10 percent of retail Windows Vista Business and Ultimate sales.

Yahoo Exec Leaves For Facebook
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Blake Chandlee was a fairly important guy at Yahoo, and he wasn’t just some quick-on-his-feet opportunist; Chandlee spent about four years with the company.  But he’s now moved on, and Facebook is reportedly the cause of Chandlee’s departure.

Google Gets Office In San Francisco
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A mountain view is the thing for me – I’m not a real sun and surf kind of person.  But Googlers who are may have reason to celebrate, as the search giant just opened a new office in San Francisco.

Microsoft, Adobe Scribble Online Docs Products
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Adobe reached out to snap up Buzzword, an online word processor, while Microsoft looked inward to find its Office Live Workspace.

Rumor: Google Planning Second Life Rival?

This is one of two Google rumors that surfaced over the weekend–the other one is here.

Apparently Arizona State University sent out invitations to students that mention a super-secret, sign-an-NDA-or-else, social networking project.

Online Office Market Gets Crowded

As expected, Google has finally launched its long-awaited PowerPoint-style presentation app — Google Presently — which was discovered by the ever-resourceful Ionut Alex Chitu earlier this year. It’s the final piece of Google’s online Office-style suite, which it is now pushing to sell to corporations in direct competition with Microsoft’s Office.

Patent Examination Goes Social

There is little doubt that patents are driving innovation. However, those same patents can hinder the progress if applied incorrectly.