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People In The UK Spend Nearly A Quarter Of Their Time Online

Consumers in the UK are spending nearly half (45%) of their time watching TV, using mobiles or other communication devices, according to a new survey by government regulator Ofcom.

Peter-Phillips They are now sending four times as many texts per day than in 2004, spending nearly a quarter of their time on social networking site like Facebook and Twitter and spending 3 hours and 45 minutes watching TV per day.

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UK Kids Ignoring Facebook Age Limits

A quarter of children in the UK aged 8-12 who use the Internet at home say they have a profile on Facebook, Bebo or MySpace, although the minimum age is 13, according to new research from communications regulator Ofcom.

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Online Ad Spend Surpasses TV In The UK

Spending on online ads surpassed advertising on mainstream TV in the UK last year, increasing 40 percent to $5.3 billion and representing 19 percent of all advertising according to regulator Ofcom.

In its annual report Ofcom said Britons spent four times as much time on computers, averaging 24 minutes a day, and double as much time on mobile phones in 2007 as in 2002.

Average household spending on communication services declined slightly, due to bundled services and discount broadband prices. More consumers also switched providers to get better deals.

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Children On Social Networking Sites

Image Credit: BBCPssst. Hey kid! Want to earn a quarter? Tell your friends about this cool new video game, and it’s yours.

Silly? Not really. Not when you consider a new survey out of the UK that suggests 49% of kids aged between 8 and 17 have a social media profile.

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Ofcom Finds Kids Sneaking Around Social Networks

Social networks are practically crawling with kids, according to a new report from the UK’s Office of Communications.  What’s more: the children are often on them in violation of the networks’ rules, and their parents pay little attention.

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