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Gmail Adds Security For Yahoo & Microsoft Accounts On Android

Last year, the Gmail Android app got a major update that finally enabled users to use third-party accounts, such as those from Yahoo and Microsoft. Now, the app has taken things a step further in the right direction by adding improved security for such accounts. On Wednesday, Google announced Oauth support for Yahoo and Microsoft accounts. Here’s what they had …

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Google Discusses Google Drive SDK OAuth Changes

Google recently added some new options for how OAuth requests are initiated for Google drive Apps. Google has posted a video discussing the changes, and sharing some tips and tricks.

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Twitter API Version 1.1 Brings More Regulation To Apps

The Twitter API is everywhere these days. People are Tweeting from all corners of the Web from just about every app. It’s so popular due to its relative openness where people can use the Twitter API in different and interesting ways. Unfortunately, Twitter is putting a stop to that next year. Twitter announced that they are moving to version 1.1 …

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Google: OAuth 2.0 Playground Gets New Features

Google launched the super handy OAuth 2.0 Playground last december which lets developers play around with the OAuth 2.0 protocol and APIs that use it. Never the one to let good enough stay good, Google has added new features that turn the good into great. The list of new features added to OAuth 2.0 playground is extensive and includes many …

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