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Valve Is Porting Portal To The Nvidia Shield

Nobody really takes Android gaming that seriously. Ouya tried to appeal to the core gamer with its Kickstarter-backed platform, but it has pretty much fizzled out at this point. Despite this, Nvidia is still trying to make hardcore Android gaming a thing with its Shield platform, but it’s really only good for streaming PC games to a handheld device. Now …

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Nvidia Shows Off Shield’s ‘Play Anywhere’ Capability

While the gaming world readies itself for the upcoming next-gen gaming console war, there’s another, less-discussed fight for aimed at PC gamers brewing. If you follow the gaming industry, you’ve already heard of Valve’s upcoming line of Steam Boxes, but they are not the only PC gaming giant targeting the “stream your PC games to other devices” market. Chief among …

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Nvidia Announces SHIELD Price Drop

While the video game world is primarily focusing on the upcoming iteration of the console wars–PS4!!! No!!! XBox One!!!!–some other companies that are making moves of their own, all in effort to bring PC/mobile gaming to additional outlets. One such entry, the Nvidia SHIELD, is primarily focused on attracting Android gamers. That, however, does not mean Nvidia has forgotten about …

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Nvidia Shield Launches This June For $350

At CES 2013, Nvidia announced Project Shield – an Android-based handheld that could also stream PC games onto its 5-inch display. Now it’s been five months since its reveal, and Nvidia is almost ready to unleash its stab at the dedicated Android gaming machine market. Nvidia announced today that Project Shield is now simply called Shield. The GPU maker also …

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