World War 3: Are We Really Talking About This Again?

World War 3: Are We Really Talking About This Again?

By Mike Tuttle March 17, 2014

The notion of a third World War was of real concern during the Cold War between the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. Both sides had nuclear weapons, and acronyms like M.A.D. (mutually-assured destruction – the idea that if either side started, …

Cutts: PageRank Zero Problem Fixed

Reach for your copy of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and press the DON’T PANIC! button; the problem with some sites seeing a zero PageRank after Google’s latest update should be corrected by now.

Google Unphased by Nuclear Testing

Amid reports of a successful nuclear test by the North Korean government, Google went ahead with plans this week to launch a new R&D center on Korean soil.

Trains, Urinals, And Iranian Nuke Mashups

Users around the world have done a lot with the APIs provided by the likes of Google, Yahoo, and Amazon; one site delivers a RSS feed of mashups, so no one has to miss out on the next one to come along.

Google Earth Continues To Raise Security Concerns
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It was just a few days ago that Australia’s nuclear power chief was complaining to Google about the detailed images of a nuclear reactor near Sydney accessed by Google Earth. And now, as reported this morning on NBC’s Today Show, the US military forces in Iraq are even more concerned.

Aussies Want Nuclear Reactor Images Stricken From Google Earth

From News.com.au, aerial images of Australia’s Lucas Heights nuclear reactor on Google Earth soon may no longer be available if the head Oz’ nuclear agency has his way. Head Aussie nuke honcho, Ian Smith announced he would be asking Google to remove or censor those images.

Google Maps HYDESim Show Detonation Effects

As it has often been discussed, since the launch of the Google Maps service, especially the satellite image aspect, there have been a number of hacks and utilities developed that further the usability of Google’s popular tool.

Bush Likes India With Nuclear Power

The White House changed what many thought was a solid position on India using nuclear power. President Bush said yesterday that he would ask Congress to end long-term sanctions against India.

Worlds First Nuclear Fusion Plant Will Have French Accent

France has been chosen to host the world’s first nuclear fusion reactor, an international consortium decision that passed over Japan’s bid for building it.

French Win Nuclear Fusion Plant Bid

France will host the test nuclear fusion plant, after beating Japan for the $12 billion USD project.

UCLA Scientists Produce Nuclear Fusion

While this isn’t ending dependence on fossil fuels, the breakthrough could help the oil drilling and homeland security industries.

NASA Going Nuclear With Project Prometheus

NASA’s famed Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Northrop Grumman to jointly develop a design for the Prometheus spacecraft.